Logan’s Warning Exclusive: FOX News’ Mike Ghouse Comes Back to be Exposed Even More!

As I stated at the beginning of the my last article, “Hannity’s Muslim “Friend” Mike Ghouse Goes on Anti-Christian Rant!”, I was not planning on writing anything else on Ghouse. But today Mike came here this morning and left a comment which was full of more blatant lies. Is Mike’s mind so enslaved by Islam that he cannot stop himself from lying? Or is he a glutton for punishment? Maybe both….


Mike Ghouse

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Mr. Logan
You picked the words from my article to suit your agenda.
Honesty is what works in the long run. I don’t expect some of your readers to read the full article, as finding the truth may not interest them.
I hope you publish the full piece or at least this link for people to read the whole piece
You did not even quote from Huffington Post article cited in it – that I will stand against Sharia Law from becoming law.
If you are genuinely in for a dialogue, it will show.
Thank you, if you publish my full article

No Ghouse,  over the three part series I posted ALL of your words from your article that was written in response to mine. I even took some screen shots, while linking to the entire article at the beginning of the first article.

I am honest about Islam, and you are the last person who should be talking about honesty. You said “no Muslim groups” in USA want Sharia to govern America. That is a blatant lie, which was easily exposed. Of course you have glossed over my response on that. My teammates here clearly see the threat of Islam, so don’t insult them. Actually it is no surprise though. Here is a past quote from Mike:

Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Alan Dershowitz, Ali Sina and a host of others are guided by those translations and it suits them to sell hate and frightened nincompoops write those checks.

(My views on Gabriel have not changed, I just wanted to post the entire sentence.)

Moving along….I did quote your article from the Huffington Post. The following is in part II!

Mr. Logan, I hope you see another point of view, espoused by Muslims, if you do, check my article on “Sharia Not in America” published at Huffington Post and go to the site www.ShariaLaws.com for a range of articles on the topic.


I see a view espoused my YOU Mike, that is all. From Mike’s link:

The intent of the Sharia laws was to construct a complete justice system with fairness to all members of society.

I will gladly quote you again from that article.

As an American Muslim who has widely traveled throughout this country, I can strongly affirm that no group of American Muslims has called for the application of Sharia laws in America. 

You state that you will stand against Sharia Law becoming law. Yet you fight for it to be allowed into US Courts, and even quote the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), in your defense of it.

Fear of Sharia Law Spreading

When the Florida Senate failed to take a vote, proposed legislation to ban the use of foreign laws in state courts died.
The bill had passed the House easily, and the Senate sponsor plans to reintroduce it next year.
The question is why?
The answer seems to be fear that the Shariah law — the Islamic law used in some Muslim countries — will spread to the United States.
Perhaps the best response to this legislation, and these fears, came from Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who said, “You might as well pass legislation to ban unicorns.”

The more you speak Mike, the more I will show America your true colors. My interest in dialogue with Muslims is to expose their lies, so I appreciate your help. You also did a good work on ducking your anti-Christian rant! Besides being a liar, you are two-faced. Because I am pretty sure there are plenty of Christians working at FOX News. Oh yes….your “friend” Hannity is one.

As I said in part I, your argument is laughable. You remind me of a politician who will say anything to to try and get through the moment. Is that any chance you are related to Obama or Pelosi?