Hillary’s Gal Farah Pandith: Working for the Cause of Islam, not America

Back in August I posted some of the Tweets by Farah Pandith, Hillary’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Those Tweets showed us that US Military “leaders” were pandering to Islam. Today we will take a look at some of the most recent posts by Farah.

Lets see what makes her happy, and what her concerns are…

“The #UnitedStates is the #Palestinian Authority’s largest donor” says Secretary Clinton.
about 5 hours ago via txt

Am reading work of young #Muslim leaders. Inspiring. Taking on huge #global issues, project by project.
about 18 hours ago via txt

On her recent trip to Spain.

Highest priority issues raised today by communities: limitation of building mosques, no regulation of halal food…
Tue Oct 19 2010 14:53:55 (Mountain Daylight Time) via txt

Sorry Farah, maybe Spain should let Islam run wild. How about a Mosque on every corner, would that make you happy?

There are 200 “garage mosques” in Catalonia (ie not “real” mosques but places where prayers r held). #muslim #Barcelona
Tue Oct 19 2010 10:23:47 (Mountain Daylight Time) via txt

Interesting fact: there are 800 #Muslim orgs outside of the 2 main “official” organizations in #Spain.
Tue Oct 19 2010 00:46:58 (Mountain Daylight Time) via txt

Now she mentions a “great” blog.

Check out a great blog called www.wordplayblog.co.uk !! Well done @wordplayblog. #women #minorities #muslims
Sun Oct 17 2010 07:12:31 (Mountain Daylight Time) via txt

If you go to the wordplayblog, you will an article entitled “Ingesting Shariah” Which is labeled as “Islamophobia”. Here is an excerpt, and Farah liking this says a lot.

Scare mongering about the spread of Sharia, as though it’s a common flu virus, is a regular occupation of tabloids.

‘Britain Goes Halal’, is the latest, by the Mail on Sunday, in a never-ending, long line of headlining stories that belong to such ilk. Whilst they’ve uncovered the fact that large sporting institutions like Wembley and Twickenham are serving up halal food without the public’s knowledge, they’ve managed to create a new twist to their xenophobic generating machinery. Sharia, if they have us believe, now seems to be targeting the nation through the food platter. You might want to think twice before consuming that chicken burger.

The fact is that Sharia is advancing in the UK, and 52 schools there recently went halal only. But of course the blog post did not mention this.

Now she joins hands with another Islamic conperson.

Watching #FareedZakaria on #CNN discussing if there’s growing #racism and #nativism in #America. Reminds me of 2007 discussions re:#Europe.
7:24 AM Oct 10th via web

Right Farah, because the threat of Islam is just the imagination of non-Muslims across the West. You are just too smart…

I would love for either one of them to show up here, and explain what race Islam is. They will also be shown just how “naive” we are.

Did you know the Rhone-Alpes region has about 600k #Muslims and ~200 mosques/prayer rooms? France has ~6m Muslims, roughly 10% of the pop.
2:00 PM Oct 6th via web

Talked about growing world-wide trend for all things #halal w/members of www.cedarnetwork.com. Great to see old friends. #Europe #Muslim

Hmmm…..world-wide. She wouldn’t want Islam to dominate the world, would she? Nah….

Is it just me, but I do not see anything about America there. Just Islam and Muslims. Just like Obama and Co, this woman is no friend of America.



11 comments for “Hillary’s Gal Farah Pandith: Working for the Cause of Islam, not America

  1. October 21, 2010 at 12:43 am

    The foxes are in the hen house, Chris. It makes me so ill and angry. This wench will
    not be happy until there ius an islamic flag
    atop the White House and every women has to
    be in a body bag and every man a beard.

    • admin
      October 21, 2010 at 12:56 am

      They sure are, and it is getting worse by the day. It is just sad that so many of our so called leaders, have no concern for their families future generations possibly being forced to live under Islamic rule.

      • Kendra
        October 21, 2010 at 6:41 am

        No, they don’t care. Okay, new funny and pathetic story. I went to see Sam Solomon (former jurist at Al Azhar Univ, now a Christian) speak two nights ago. He gave the greatest speech I’ve ever seen, btw. He had the entire audience of 350 or so really pumped up. At the end there was a Q&A session. After all the (intelligent) questions, the LEADER of the LOCAL JEWISH COMMUNITY here said in the most pathetic whiny wimpy voice, “Many of us moved to the United States to avoid the religious wars going on in the middle east and that had gone on in Europe. You’re telling me that I have to bear arms and go to war? I came to the United States to avoid wars. I like living here in peace. I don’t want anything to do with that.”

        This guy is known here! The thing is, Sam Solomon never mentioned going to war, never mentioned the term ‘religious’ and never mentioned anything about getting ourselves armed or bearing arms. . . and he gave him the best possible answer– said all that in the best possible way and his answers brought a standing ovation.

        But, I still wonder– did the guy who asked the question think of himself as a liberal hero when he asked the question? Was he shamed when he got the answers? I have no idea what goes through these people’s heads. This guy who asked the question is a local leader, in a sense, he wants his life one way (as we all do), but the reality is we’re facing this issue? Do we try and take care of it now or do we leave it for our kids to face? How could anyone want to do that?

        This guy heard the entire speech– he’s been introduced to the subject before and said to that person “I hope I never meet you again. You scare me. I am afraid that if I know as much as you do, I’ll be like you”.

        He knows and even partially understands what’s going on? How do they function? How do they continue to believe that what they want has any relevance at all? I don’t get what I want! You don’t get what you want either. Oh well. That’s life. . . we don’t live in the world we want.

      • New Crusader
        October 22, 2010 at 2:02 am

        The only thing I do not like about that story is that the defending chicken was labeled murderer. Even chickens have to put up with this crap.

  2. Miles
    October 21, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Here are a hole list of BS complants and ass kissing. I only read 2 storys but that was all I needed to read.

  3. Novadude
    October 21, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Well there is a muslim fag in the wh,, and there was an islamic flag back around natl day of prayer,, so I think we’re almost there..

  4. Duke nukem
    October 21, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Time for war…

  5. Hindu
    October 22, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    guys what are u debating. be like hindus. we are fighting these scum of the earth shitbags since centuries and our ancient civilization still survives. the resistance to their domination can only be met with population explosion. like it or not muslims breed like maggots and to fight them you have to breed like them. you cant do anything else. fighting them with anything else will be labelled genocide and all the so-called ‘human rights’ nutjobs will raise their ugly heads. so the only option to win the battle against muslims is to increase our population proportionately so that we are even! the second and more important and immediate action we need to take is stop any immigration of these vermins into europe/us/australia.
    the current islamic crisis in the west is due to import of slaves aka cheap labor from the arab countries.
    farah pandith is a muslim indian kashmiri and if you see whats going on in kashmir right now you will get the drift. she is a snake in the white house and is poisoning it from the inside! i bet imam obama must have known this before he appointed her. i wonder though how the feds or the Agency might have vetted her. would they have asked CAIR to propose a name? if not why not wafa sultan or ayan hirsi ali?? though i wouldnt doubt it in the current scenario!

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