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Logan’s Warning to Egypt’s President Morsi and Turkey’s PM Erdogan…

Recently marauding Muslims have taken to the streets in acts of rage in countries across the world, such as Canada, Libya, Pakistan, and Sudan. Besides those violent protests there have been more peaceful ones in Canada, Germany and the UK. Some say the reason for the outrage was over a film entitled the “Innocence of Muslims”. But the film itself is not what this is really about it, and violent or not, the message is the same. It is about self-centered, Mohammad protecting, Allah serving Muslims trying to bully non-Muslims into accepting another aspect of Islamic Law. It is about them trying to dictate what non-Muslims can and cannot say within the realm of free speech. Their end game is the complete censorship of the criticism of Islam. Which would eventually amount to a death blow to America herself.

~U.S .Gov’t. Drops To Its Knees: Holds U.S. Islamic Forum In D.C.~ Claims “Islam Has Always Been Part of American History”~

On April 6, I published an article entitled “United States Department of Jihad!” The article was about the pro-Islamic actions of Obama, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, Head of Department of Justice, and John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. As predicted, our government was not done bowing down to Mohammadism! Over the past 48 hours, our State Department hosted the U.S. Islamic Forum. This Forum was led by Hillary Clinton, who has commented that Islam and women’s rights are compatible. At best, Hillary’s statement refects ignorance. Being the highly educated woman that she is, her comment more likely is a bold lie!

Twitter Posts Show top US Military Officials Pandering to Islam

This morning I spent some time on Twitter trying to dig up some good information. What I found were Tweets on the page of Farah Pandith, who is Secretary Clinton’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities. One of them shows she is in support of the opening of the Sharia “college” in America. The others show us high ranking military officials who are pandering to Islam.

Clinton Promotes Women Entrepreneurs in Muslim World

Like tag team wrestlers, Obama and Clinton are working together to bring us down, while catering to the Islamic world. The end result will be a failed effort to create a mutual respect between the Muslim and non-Muslim world. No matter what we do, the Islamic world will continue to look to dominate us. It is what their scriptures call for.

U.S. Scolds our European Allies for Muslim Discrimination

Here we have another reason to be disgusted with our own government. In their defense of Islam, the Democracy, Human Rights and Labor division, of the US State Department has scolded some of our European allies for the conflict with Islam across the pond. I am not calling for violence against Muslims in Europe, but of course non-Muslims are starting to turn against Muslims in Europe, and that is because Muslims have come there, shown the cultures of Europe no respect, and are constantly pushing to takeover, with no concerns for the beliefs of anyone else.