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Obama to Roll out red Carpet for 500 Muslims

Ever since Obama took office the pattern of our government, catering to Islam has been crystal clear. Recent examples of this are Obama overturning the Bush ban on Tariq Ramadan, ending the use of terms like “radical Islam” in security documents, and the pathetic Islamophile speech by John Brennan, Assistant to the President For Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, given at NYU. Our government has now taken it one step further, and there is no end is sight.

U.S. Scolds our European Allies for Muslim Discrimination

Here we have another reason to be disgusted with our own government. In their defense of Islam, the Democracy, Human Rights and Labor division, of the US State Department has scolded some of our European allies for the conflict with Islam across the pond. I am not calling for violence against Muslims in Europe, but of course non-Muslims are starting to turn against Muslims in Europe, and that is because Muslims have come there, shown the cultures of Europe no respect, and are constantly pushing to takeover, with no concerns for the beliefs of anyone else.