Newt Gingrich: Sharia is our Enemy~ Video

Does anyone still think that our hard work is not paying off? Here we see a major player in America recognize Sharia for the threat that it is, and he calls for a Federal Law to ban it in all US Courts. The word is spreading, and if we keep up the pressure, victory will be ours!

Hat tip to Gary @ Mad About Mahound.

UPDATE: I am still adjusting to a few things since the move, which has slowly me down a bit recently. But I am planning on stepping it up, as you can see by my first NY article. I am setting up a BlogTalkRadio show, which will start out as a weekly show with some great guests. I am also working on a series of articles on Sharia Law, and want to concentrate on that aspect a lot. Because the political within the law threat of Sharia is even more dangerous to life as we know it, than potential suicide bombers. I hope to be all caught up with the Sharia series, and on the radio within two weeks. (I will continue to post as much as possible in the meantime.) Please bare with me, and then I would appreciate you helping me by telling everyone you know about this site, and the radio show. Soon you will be seeing things on this site, that you will not see anywhere else.

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