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UK: Muslims Call for 3 Towns to be Placed Under Sharia!!

When the news first broke about the UK allowing Muslims to have their own courts, I said Pandora’s Box had been opened. But Islamic apologists across the Internet keep on telling me it was no big deal. That Jews have religious courts (Beth Din) there as well. My response was Jews are not looking to subjugate the UK under a barbaric set of religious laws. Muslims are. Does it get any clearer than this?!

Lets Help Resurrect Tancredo’s Anti-Sharia Bill

Recently I have been posting more and more articles, that document the Sharia movement that is happening within America. Not only do we need to continue educating our fellow Americans to this threat, we need to let our local politicians know how we feel about this. Finally we do have some politicians that are speaking out against this threat, but we need more, much more. I encourage all readers to email their local reps, and let them know about the threat of Sharia. Then ask them to take a look at the anti-jihad bill, which was written by Tom Tancredo two years ago. We need to have this bill resurrected. Thanks for doing your part.

Newt Gingrich: Sharia is our Enemy~ Video

Does anyone still think that our hard work is not paying off? Here we see a major player in America recognize Sharia for the threat that it is, and he calls for a Federal Law to ban it in all US Courts. The word is spreading, and if we keep up the pressure, victory will be ours!

Norway Bans Sharia Courts!

First the state of Louisiana banned Sharia Law, and the state of Oklahoma is in the process of banning it as well. Now we look across the pond to Europe, where the problems with Islam are much worse, and we see that Norway has done what the Brits need to do. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling across Europe.

To the pro-Sharia Muslims that read my site, you guys are so blinded by your religion, that you think that your movement is invincible. Well here is a clue for you, this is just the beginning…

Sharia vs anti-Sharia Chaos on the Streets of London~ Video

Islam, the great divider has struck again. I don’t understand why more people did not see this coming? To me and many others it was obvious to see that as Muslim immigration continued, the push for Sharia Law would get stronger. Muslims in the UK were foolishly allowed to have their own Sharia Courts, and now they want more power. They want Sharia introduced into the UK for all. If this movement is not put to rest, the day is coming where Muslims in the UK will feel that they have enough power, and they will start forcing non-Muslims to use their courts. Personally I see a civil war coming to the UK.