Muslim Marine Responds to Logan’s Warning!

For those who might have missed it, Muslim propagandists have added a new page to their Islamocon playbook. The use of the online handle “Muslim Marine”, and so far I have encountered three Muslims who are using it. All three are exploiting Marine status in an effort to garner trust as they attempt to mislead the public on Islam. I am not sure if it gets any creepier than that my friends.

The first is Pamela Geller’s adversary, Mansoortshams. The second is my new “friend” Tayyib M. Rashid. I first discovered Tayyib when I noticed his attempted whitewashing of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Chattanooga that killed four of our great Marines. A whitewashing that was ignorantly published by USA Today.

As usual when I counter Muslim propagandists I send them the article, in order to give them a chance to refute my points on Islam.

Here are some of the responses from Tayyib. As you will see, he is not happy.

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Muslim Marine Tayyib calls me Taliban

American Taliban? I am not the one who is supporting a barbaric set of religious laws. That would be you Tayyib,

From your “Ahamdi Koran”. (www.alislam. com)

Ahmadi 24 3

From there the Muslim Marine….errr…..Misleading Muslim went on to verbally attack me, because he obviously could not refute my points on Islam. That is a common tactic used by Muslim propagandists. They attempt to paint critics of Islam the bad guys, in an effort to keep the focus off of Islam. It does not work here.

So to further expose his true colors I invited him to an radio debate.

MM Tay 3

His response?

MM Tay Blocks

Him and Mansoortshams are so shaken up that they do not even realize how bad they are making themselves look. See how Mansoortshams chimes in….

MM Tay 3 MM 1 chimes in

If he really wanted to “set the record straight”, he would not have done this.

MM Tay Muslim Marine 1 block

Tayyib and Mansoortshams, brothers in deception.

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