Muslim in America to LW: Respect Islam!

Sure, what I say about Muslims and Islam doesn’t sound so nice. It’s the ugly truth though, and today we get to see another example of it. As I have said over and over. Muslims just do not care about the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. Which can be seen as Muslims continue to selfishly change the West to suit Islam. Today’s example of the Islamifiction of America is once again the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) being broadcast onto the streets of America. Times Square NYC to be exact. “Happy Ramadan!”

While this may seem benign to those new to the subject. It is actually culturally malignant.

One of the main reasons we are currently losing the war with Islam is the West’s futile quest to find the “good Muslims” as if they will save the country from Islam. Which is why unlike any other site I go out of my way to expose the mindset of your everyday Muslim.

From the comment section of the video above.

Then these following comments came after I criticized the Islamic call to prayer.

Taraweeh means to “rest and relax”. While imposing their beliefs upon non-Muslims.
If Muslims do not want an Islamic America why are they changing it to suit Islam?

As for respecting Islam. What she fails to mention is the fact that when Muslims pray they degrade Jews and Christians. Which obviously makes up most of America. So why should Islam be respected back?

Expect? Comical.

There is the Islamocon! Because Islam does in fact disrespect other religions as it calls for the persecution of other religions.

So please tell me. Where are those so called “good Muslims”?