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Recently I posted video footage of Muslims praying in the street at NYC’s 26Th Annual Muslim Day Parade. Of course that was not enough for NY’s Islamic community. They see America is in a state of weakness because of the politically correct disease, and will continue to push their religion in our faces. This upcoming event is another Islamic display of power, and let me make this clear. Muslims do not care what infidels want, they stand with Islam above all! It is time the rest of the country comes to terms with this, and demands an end to all Muslim immigration.

911 Outrage ~ Islamic Call to Prayer Coming to Washington DC!

On 911 of 2001 Islam shook America, and the response by our so called leaders, George Bush included, was to embrace Islam. This line of thinking is the equivalent of Jews embracing Nazism. Unfortunately this line of thinking has also trickled down to the much of the public, and still continues today. Another example of this is an upcoming “Unity Walk” on the the 10Th anniversary of 911, taking place in Washington DC.