A Logan’s Warning Introduction to Parag Agrawal, new CEO of Twitter

In case you have not yet heard, Islamophile and master of censorship, Jack Dorsey has stepped down as the CEO of Twitter. Replaced by little known Parag Agrawal. What is known is that he has worked for Twitter for approximately 10 years now, most recently as chief technology officer. Plus that he is originally from India. Of course that is the information being provided on him by the mainstream media.

Now comes the information on him that I will provide. Which is that while he is supposedly is a Hindu, he is highly protective of Muslims. As proven in the second Tweet below in which he quotes Muslim comedian, Aasif Mandvi.

There four problems with that quote.

  1. Not all whites are racists.
  2. It implies that only whites can be racist.
  3. It sure makes Aasif sound like a racist.
  4. All Muslims are extreme because Islam itself is extreme.

Koran 5:38, Amputation

Koran 5:33, Crucifxions

Koran 24:2, Lashings

Let me know when Parag can produce just one Muslim who will condemn those verses. Will Aasif step up to the plate and do so? I highly doubt it. Because he is just another Muslim propagandist who preys on naive and trusting non-Muslims. Such as Parag. Which is a shame. Because the world would be wise to learn from India’s bloody history with Islam.