~ Encouraging Muslim men to Have Large Families

Those who are new to the subject of Islam might only think the obvious. That violent jihadists are the threat. If we dig deeper we see that the problems with Islam and Muslim immigration go way beyond them though. Tonight a quick look at shows us another non-violent example of how Muslims slowly takeover non-Islamic countries. Many call it stealth jihad. I prefer to call it insidious Islam.

Where does the Shaykh get this idea from? From the book of hatred and perversion, AKA as the Koran.

Obviously having multiple wives would lead to more pregnancies. Which according to Islam Q and A is what Mohammad and Allah want.

To make matters worse, which is what usually happens when you read more about Islam, the book on plural marriages makes is sound like the first wife is in the wrong for not wanting to share her husband with others. What a sad ideology.

Women’s right groups. Where are you now?



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