Exclusive: Islamic Expansionism in Long Island NY ~ Photos

Once again working on a tip from a Long Island Logan’s Warning reader I am forced to report on another case of Islamic expansionism that is taking place in NY. Queens to be exact. What is eerily similar to the last tip the same person handed to me is that both are cases of Muslims muscling into residential neighborhoods with no concerns for the beliefs and wants of non-Muslims.

Where would Muslims ever obtain that mindset from?

Koran 3:83

Koran 9:33

That is the Islamic definition of “coexistence”.

Onto the upcoming Mosquetrosity.

Yes, it is another Islamic house of hatred.

Once again showing that Muslims have turned our freedoms into tools of Islam.

If we look to the left of the building….

If we look to the right….

Unlike so called experts like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, the Middle East Forum’s Daniel Pipes, and Hirsi Ali, I will be honest with you. Islam cannot be protected as a religion and defeated at the same time. Yet the four “experts” are all against banning Islam. Which is a 1400 year-old proven nation killer.

Once again Logan’s Warning takes it to the streets in order to expose the ever growing threat of Islam. While I do not have PayPal anymore because they sided with Islam over the United States of America, I do have a Zelle account for anyone who is interested in making a contribution to my ongoing street reporting. For the information just email me at Loganswarning@hotmail.com.

Thank you,

Christopher Logan



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