Linda “Sharia” Sarsour: “I Want you to Crush Donald Trump!” ~ Video

If you follow my site you probably know that Muslims in America are on a massive get out the vote push. Attempting to obviously get as many Muslims into office as possible, plus as many useful idiot non-Muslims into office as possible as well. Starting with Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Tonight that push continued with a live YouTube stream held by the Muslim organization Emgage.

The rally cry was lead by well-known Muslim propagandist Linda Sarsour.

Apparently to Linda keeping it Brooklyn means to use our freedoms against America in order to get enough Muslims into office so they can eventually vote in Islamic rule.

Her hatred for President Trump is not hidden.

I am a proud American Nationalist but no white supremacist though. Linda on the other hand implies that she is against supremacy. Is she really though!?

Koran 3:110

Koran 9:33

Sharia Sarsour, a slave to Allah, no friend of America.



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