Mufti Menk’s Marauding Minions Lash out ~ As he Continues to Evade

The top two main religions on the planet are Christianity and Islam (Although I do not consider Islam a religion.) The first can be criticized without the fear of reprisal. The second not so. Now why is that? The answer is that Islam is so vile that Muslims have to mislead the public on it because they know in a forum of truthful and open ideas it does not stand a chance.

Here are just some of the comments that I have received on YouTube from some minions of the world renowned Mufti Menk. All because I exposed him for the Muslim propagandist he is.


I think that by now you get the point. Do we really want our future generations living under Muslim rule? After the election I urge you all to call or email the White House and demand that President Trump ends all Muslim immigration. Our future generations are counting on us.

To contact the White House click here.

Oh, I almost forgot about Menk himself. He is still on the run as proven in the picture below. My first comment coming after he was bragging about driving a Lamborghini.

Logan’s Warning, doing the job the MSM is media does not have the courage to do. Expose Islam.