PayPal Sides W/Islam and Shuts Down the Logan’s Warning Account

Today the quisling left has cowardly lashed out at me again in a effort to protect the “religion” of hatred and perversion. Islam. Which follows the “lead” of the their Islam appeasing Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

In an attempt to stop me from exposing Islam the following four mega-leftist corporations have sided with Islam over me and the future generations over America. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and now PayPal. Treachery at its finest.

Odds are that this was not some random review. that someone reported me to PayPal. So I challenge that person to show up on this site and prove me wrong about Islam. I advise you to bring an Imam with you. Because you are going to need him.

Other than that I am not shutting up. Because unlike those who protect Islam, I have morals and actually care about the future generations of America. Whoever reported me should be ashamed of themselves for trying to protect an ideology of degeneracy. Just as PayPal should. #MAGA #BanIslam