What he Didn’t tell you About Zakat….

What a surprise, I wake up this morning and quickly find an article that was written to mislead the public of Islam. Nothing new here.

The Muslim wealth tax Zakat is the best blueprint for making Western societies fairer

By Adeem Younis

This week sees 1.8 billion Muslims celebrate the “Festival of Sacrifice,” or Eid Al-Adha. But the idea of sacrificing one’s hard earned money is a year-round activity for Muslims, who are the world’s most giving faith community when it comes to charity and philanthropy. This is especially true of Muslim communities in the UK and North America.

Muslim charity is built on the concept of Zakat, a 2.5% standing wealth tax that is eerily similar to the wealth taxes being proposed by various US billionaires and 2020 Presidential hopefuls. Could Islamic philanthropy provide a blueprint to reform predatory capitalism and fix our painfully unequal societies?

A wealth tax like Zakat may seem unorthodox to the point of being unworkable, but it is already implemented in many Muslim-majority countries whose economies are not completely dissimilar to those in Europe and North America.

Adeem Younis, Chairman of Penny Appeal

Does that sound familiar? It sounds like Socialism, which America is not about. There are some is a major problem with the article as well. The author is practicing kitman, lying by omission.

First off, Adeem did not tell us that Zakat is for Muslims only.

In other words allow Islam to dominant as it calls for. (Koran 3:83, 9:29, and 9:33). No thanks, because the author of the article also “forgot” to mention the fact that under Islamic rule non-Muslims are not considered equals to Muslims.

Also failing to mention that under Islam non-Muslims are to pay jizya. A poll tax. One that degrades non-Muslims.

From the world renowned Tafsir (Interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir. Verse 9:29.

Adeem Younis is chairman of Penny Appeal, a British-based Muslim charity working in 30 countries around the world, including the UK.

Finally failing to mention that at least 1/8th of Zakat is allocated to those fighting on the side of the violent jihad.

Is Adeem attempting to influence high ranking non-Muslims?

Nah…Adeem would never attempt to do such a thing…..he’s a “good” Muslim.

For the original article click here. (I posted a link to this article in their comment section.)