Clarion: Pay us to Post on Facebook

Yes, you read the title correct. The protectors of Islam itself who promote the reformation of Islam, but cannot even explain how it will reform wants you to pay them to post on Facebook.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Clarion email: (I have the email if anyone wants me to forward it to them.)

Staying Alive on Facebook

One way Clarion can become more visible is by sponsoring each post, boosting our content to reach you and many more.

Just $50 can help a Clarion Facebook post reach 50,000 people!

Going forward, we are going to need ever-increasing amounts of money to keep our great content being seen.

If we go to the Clarion donation page we will see the following.

It is set on the $50 donation. So what happens if 500 people send it in? Do they really think they are worth $25,000 a post?!

As far as the content goes, here is some of their so called great content.

The Clarion Project ~ Music Will Save us from Islamic Rule 

The Clarion Project: Changing America to Suit Islam Helps Muslims Integrate

And one of my “personal favorites”…

Clarion Spokesperson Ryan Mauro Just Kicking Back With Zudhi Jasser

If Ryan had an integrity at all he would be exposing Jasser for the liar he is instead of aiding him.

The good news is that them asking for “an ever increasing amounts of money” shows us that America is finally waking up to the fantasy they are $elling.

The Clarion Project, bad for your wallet, bad for America.

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