NAI Action Alert: South Carolina ~ Share Islam Day May 3rd

1391724_615303888510736_1015731033_n-2-300x187While the North American Infidels interfaith brochures will take approximately another three to four weeks to complete, I just wanted to show you were the organization is heading with them.

Our team has started monitoring the sites of Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues, in order to see where upcoming Islam appeasing interfaith meetings are gong to be taking place. As interfaith meetings are one of the strongest weapons Muslims have in their arsenal.

In this effort we have made our first sighting,the Masjid al-Muslimiin of South Carolina. This upcoming Saturday, May 3rd, there will an open house at the Mosque between 5:30 and 7:30 pm.

Announcements (http ://

Share Islam Day

Starting March 31, 2014 – Ending May 4, 2014

We would like to inform you that our yearly “Share Islam Day” will be Insha Allah on Saturday May 3, 2014 between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Please invite your neighbors, co-workers and any non-Muslims you know.

We would like to inform you that our yearly “Share Islam Day” will be Insha Allah on Saturday May 3, 2014 between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Please invite your neighbors, co-workers and any non-Muslims you know. Share Islam day is basically an open house event where we invite non-Muslims to come see our Masjid and our community. We tell them about Islam through a short lecture and some display tables. We also offer them free material about Islam. Dinner is also served at the end of the event.

We will make invitation cards available at the Masjid, so please pick some up and use them to invite your guests.

We are asking everyone to come to the Share Islam day to greet and spend time with our guests, show them our Masjid and tell them about our religion.

We are currently meeting every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm to prepare for the day and we need volunteers. If you have time and would like to help please come to our meetings.

JazzakAllahu Khairun

As you can see, the desensitizing training of the threat of Sharia Law has already begun. As obviously they will be serving halal food only.

My first question is will they tell the non-Muslims that part of the proceeds of the purchase of halal food, is allocated for those who are fighting in the violent jihad?


The reason being is that the third of the five pillars of Islam requires Muslims to pay zakat (charity). 1/8 of it is allocated to violent jihadists.

My second question would be, will the Muslims tell their “guests” that the Islamic prayer itself preaches hatred against non-Muslims? Of course they wouldn’t.

To further my point we now take a look at their “Islam is” page. (http ://

The purpose of this work is to present the authentic teachings of Islam. We do not present any specific version or a unique interpretation of Islam. We present Islam as it is, without sugarcoating, and we allow it to stand on its own merits. There is only one Islam and only one example of how it is to be lived — that of the Prophet Muhammadp (Peace be upon him). Our intention is to provide a basic overview of the main tenets of Islam as given in the Qur’an and as exemplified by the Prophetp. We also intend to address some of the commonly asked questions about Islam.

Once again, we see another US Mosque claim that Mohammad was a great example of a human being. Also another US Mosque that supports the Sahih Ahadith.

The Prophet Muhammad And His Sunnah
(http ://

Muhammadp was born in the year 570 CE from the honorable lineage of the two great Prophets of God, Abrahamp and his firstborn son, Ishmaelp. Muhammadp grew up with the title of The Trustworthy. At the age of forty, Muhammadp was chosen by God to be His last Prophet and Messenger.

The Sunnah refers to the sayings, actions, and tacit approvals of the Prophet Muhammadp. The reports and narrations about the Sunnah are known as Hadith, and are collected in well-known books. Like the Qur’an, the Sunnah is inspired by revelation from God through the Prophet Muhammadp. Unlike the Qur’an, it is not the direct, literal word of God. The teachings came from God (divine revelation) and the words were from the Prophet Muhammadp (an example for humanity). The Sunnah was also meticulously preserved.

It is obligatory for Muslims to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammadp. In the Qur’an, God orders the believers to obey the Messenger (His representative). God says, “Obey God, and obey the Messenger.” [Qur’an 4:59]

(Click on imagine to see they support the Sahih Bukhari and Muslim Ahadith)
Sourth Carolina Mosque

This is disturbing and concerning trend, because Mohammad had sexual intercourse with a nine year-old, plundered, took sex slaves, and advocated lying. What kind of good example is that?! If he were alive today, this would be the result:


Despite the fact that over one-fifth of the world’s population is Muslim, Islam is often misunderstood and misrepresented in contemporary Western societies. It is hoped that this work will help shed light on Islam as it was divinely communicated to Muhammadp and dispel any commonly held misconceptions that perpetuate prejudice and hatred. We write this booklet in the hope that people of all faiths will join us in making this a world of tolerance, kindness, understanding, and peace.

The key word there is “misconceptions”, a claim that goes unsubstantiated when Muslims are called on it.

As for their claims of peace and tolerance? How does this grab you?

Sahih Bukhari: The People of the Book.

1103. Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Do not give the People of the Book the greeting first. Force them to the narrowest part of the road.”

We here at North Americans Infidels understand Islam, it is the biggest threat the free world has ever seen, and we have just begun to push back! (Within the law)

If anyone is in the area and can attend the open house, the Mosque is located at 1929 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201.  A written account would be appreciated.

As usual, in an effort to give them a chance to respond an email has been send to them.

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SC Mosque

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