Muslims lay out Their Demands for the NYPD!

In the wake of the recent story about the CIA and NYPD gathering information on the Islamic community, Muslims and their leftist supporters have issued a list of demands for the CIA, State of NY, and NYPD.

Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition
c/o CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility
City University of New York School of Law, 65-21 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367
Responds to Reports of NYPD-CIA Collaboration

(New York, NY, August 25, 2011)—The Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC) is deeply troubled by the news of the New York City Police Department’s collaboration with the Central Intelligence Agency to spy on American Muslim communities. The reporting suggests that the CIA may be violating the prohibition on domestic spying. Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s insistence otherwise, it is clear that the NYPD is spying on entire communities without any particular suspicion of criminal activity. Community-based surveillance falls well beyond the
purview of even the NYPD’s broad preventative mandate.

From growing reliance on unsubstantiated and discriminatory theories about radicalization, to revelations about law enforcement’s use of Islamophobic training materials, to a number of reports documenting government informants literally encouraging and devising terrorist plots, there is a growing body of evidence to confirm what Muslim communities have been long been saying: the NYPD and FBI are engaging in blatant religious, racial, and national origin profiling and broadbased surveillance of Muslim communities, absent suspicion of criminal activity. The FBI’s own guidelines authorize the agency to undertake “assessments” prior to any indication of criminal activity. Now every American must ask about the role of the CIA in these operations.

Together, these practices paint a dangerous picture of the ways in which law enforcement engages with Muslim communities under the banner of national security. These McCarthyite spying techniques threaten the civil rights of all Americans, and deepen the long-existing rifts between communities of color and police in the United States.

Since 2007 MACLC has raised concerns about NYPD policies that encourage police officers to spy on Muslim communities when there is no indication of wrongdoing. Despite MACLC’s best efforts, the NYPD has refused to engage meaningfully with those that draw attention to problems with its policies. We believe the time has come for this issue to be taken up more broadly.

MACLC calls on:
• the New York City Council to investigate and oversee the NYPD’s operations, as well as a City Comptroller Audit;
the Obama Administration to initiate a federal investigation into the extent to which the CIA has engaged in domestic spying within the United States, in violation of law and its manadate;
Congress and the New York State Senate to hold hearings into the NYPD’s, FBI’s, and CIA’s surveillance and policing practices in Muslim communities with a focus on the role of informants;
• Congress and New York State Senate to pass enforceable anti-racial profiling legislation;
• NYPD and the Department of Justice to revise their internal guidelines to disallow the use of surveillance and informants absent suspicion of specific criminal activity.

MACLC also calls on the civil liberties community and civil society to send a message to the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg that the public has not granted them a mandate for this surveillance operation.Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition
c/o CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility
City University of New York School of Law, 65-21 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367

Submitted on behalf of Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition members:

Abdelhafid Djemil
Muslim American Society of New York
Aisha Al-Adawiya
Women In Islam, Inc.
Asim Rehman
Muslim Bar Association of New York

Cyrus McGoldrick
Council on American Islamic Relations – New York

Dalia Toor
Muslim Public Affairs Council – New York

Fahd Ahmed & Monami Maulik
DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving

Linda Sarsour
Arab American Association of New York

Megan Putney & Tahanie Aboushi
Muslim Consultative Network

Omar Mohammedi
Association of Muslim American Lawyers

P. Adem Carroll
Muslim Progressive Traditionalist Alliance

Professors Ramzi Kassem & Amna Akbar
CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility
City University of New York School of Law

Submitted on behalf of Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition allies:

New York State Senator Bill Perkins

Al-Awda New York
Alicia McWilliams
Arab American Action Network (AAAN)
Ashraf Nubani, Esq., National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF)
Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund
Asian Law Caucus

Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition
c/o CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility
City University of New York School of Law, 65-21 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367
Azadeh Shahshahani, Executive Vice President, National Lawyers Guild*

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
David H. Remes
Fellowship of Reconciliation
George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary
Hamid Khan
The Interfaith Center of New York
Islamic Circle of North American (ICNA)
Jeanne Theoharis, Professor, Brooklyn College of CUNY; Co-Founder, Educators for Civil Liberties
Labor for Palestine
Michael Ratner
Muslim Justice Initiative
New York City Labor Against the War
New York Neighbors for American Values
Pakistan Solidarity Network
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center
Richard Abel, Connell Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA
Rights Working Group
Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University
The September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Sikh Coalition
South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)
South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD), Vancouver, BC, Canada
Stephen Downs and Kathy Manley, Project SALAM
Sue Udry, Executive Director, Defending Dissent Foundation
Veena Dubal, Staff Attorney, Asian Law Caucus
Zaheer Uddin, Muslim Leaders of New York

*affiliation noted for identification purposes only

The official statement can be viewed HERE.

Once again we see how quickly Muslims rally together to support their agenda. We also see they have an endless list of demands. To defeat them we are going to have to get more organized, and speaker louder than they do! All within the law, of course.

Warn the World



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Fuq uall
Fuq uall
10 years ago

Muzzies should expect discrimination in a country where they are not the norm and are viewed as weird…..

10 years ago
Reply to  Fuq uall

then again, maybe it’s the fact muslims simply refuse to extend the same courtesy to Christians and Jews, they demand from them ?

that might prompt some negative reaction dont ya think ?

10 years ago
Reply to  Fuq uall

Why dont these people give the infidels the same rights from their (illegitimate) grandfather – arab countries? If they dont like law and order to be maintained, GET OUT to your own gutters where you came from. And dont forget to meet some mubarak, assad or gadhafi there.


10 years ago

I would like nothing more than to say to them……..NUTS!!!!! As Allen West said it so well!!!!

10 years ago

How does it feel?? American’s have been man handle, gagged and have our civil liberties stripped because of what a MUSLIMS did on 9/11!! STFU!!

Fuq uall
Fuq uall
10 years ago

Go fuck a camel…..

10 years ago

we should create a law that says to immigrants, if u dont follow and obey our laws and rules and insist on changing our laws and rules to suit your religious ideology: you will be expelled from our country.

john j
john j
10 years ago

what are they afraid of if they are not doing anything illegal????????


[…] The story continues here. […]

Uncle Vladdi
10 years ago

“Without any suspicion of specific criminal activity?”! Anyone who reads the Qur’an can see it’s a crime-manual, and sharia clearly states: “It isn’t a crime if moslems do it to the non-moslems!” ALL moslems are criminals, because they must endorse in public the permanent written death-threats of the Qur’an! Death-threats are psychological attacks (aka: “Terrorism”) and all non-defensive attacks are crimes, by defniniton!


10 years ago

heres a recent example of what islam means to a muslim when us kafir infidels dont watch closely

and here is an open declaration from an honest muslim of what he has in store for us infidels

10 years ago

I believe our argument (legal purpose), *cough, *cough, for being inside the Mosques, is to protect them (actually US) from potential hate crimes….

t.y. rumcrook for links.

Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
10 years ago

They are barbarians, but no fools!
They can pass through any test, faking to look like as if they have regards for Civilized World, Human Values and loyalty to the Organization. Being married to doctrine of destruction, they are destructive beasts in totality.
Wolf is not as brainy as human, and is far down in the rung of evolution, but is smart enough to make plan when, how and where to wait, when to attack and when to kill.
However, Wolf kills only for food, not in hope of 72 virgin, so is less harmful and of course less stupid lunatic daydreamer.
It can and does kill humans, though is not a Student of Science or Master of Arts, but knows how to kill?, Treats every creature it can attack or over power as its prey.
You can’t have wolves roaming about in your city streets, nor can put them to any military or civil job, can’t trust them as we trust dogs, for sake of Zoo item or to preserve little number of endangered species is O.K.
But you know what to do with wolf roaming in Streets of your town or in Countryside.
If you don’t do, what you should be doing, Wolf will do it anyway, what it has to do. Even if own baby is wolf bitten, should be vaccinated, treated, even isolated for some time, not treating baby for pain of syringe is no solution. Treat even if force required. Not using force, is not loving the baby, it is killing the baby. Don’t kill your babies, sick babies must be treated.
Be Great, Be Merciful; Not Fool, don’t Suicide!

Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
10 years ago

A Call for ‘A Joint War on Terror and Absurdity called Jihad’:
Dear Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu/Sikhs & Atheists join your forces and resources to eradicate Chronic Disease called Jihad, to save Human Species and this Planet. Treat the unfortunate patients of this disease carefully and very humanly isolate and keep them under observation until they are cured and are normal human beings. *Doctors should not take bold decision and not be surgery shy, surgical operations must be done if required to tackle the epidemic.
West is convinced that West is under attack.
West must realize
In fact it is Jihad verses Reason, Freedom, sanity, love, women, animal, kafir, rivers, sea, dog, pig, wolf or anything & everything on this Planet and beyond.
It is as much against East, if not more.

It is not Clash of Civilizations; it is Clash with Civilizations of the Barbarians.

Unfortunately, Jihad got attention of West only after, the heat was unbearable for it.
On the other hand, The East, especially Bharat (that is India), bore the brunt of the Jihad attack for centuries.
Dear Westerners, please understand clearly that Jihad is not only against the West, it is as much against the East, specifically against all humanity and now the human race has to fight it out, JOINTLY.
You need to know: How Jihadis overran India!
Who uprooted Jihadis?
Who are Sikhs? How they contained Jihad?
How and why Sikhism was formed!
Why Sikhs were specially targeted & how were they tortured to death for not accepting Islam?
Why Jihadis still consider Sikhs as enemy No.1 and a Potential Death Threat!
To stop Jihad, the West should do what Sikhs did Centuries back, and remember that time Sikhs were badly outnumbered, out of power, had no Nation, no State, were on the run, individual properties were confiscated and were having a Price and a Prize on their Heads.
The slaughter of India started much before that in the West. Right from 714 AD. Although ‘Test Fire Skirmish’ took place decades before any major onslaught.
How Bharat survived and still keeps going strongly is a study case for the West.
The struggle of the Hindus to resist the Jihadi aggression into India was spread over a period of 600 years from 715 AD. up to 1328 AD. This contrasts with the swift Muslim victories in Persia (Iran) over the Zoroastrian Sassanians and in Mesopotamia, Egypt and North Africa over the Romans (Byzantines). The Muslims could not subjugate India with ease. And even after subjugating different parts of the country, they were never able to rule it entirely. The next 400 years from 1328 up to 1720 was marked by a valiant and ceaseless struggle for independence by Hindus to deliver India from Muslim tyranny. The hardest blow to the Jihadis was when their power was at a peak – when they were a superpower and believed to be invincible. Rajputs and Gujjars opposed them first as they were first victims. Later, Jats opposed them. Tribals and almost every community in India opposed them.
But the role of Sikhs is a special and a source of inspiration. As they did not just fight Jihadis for themselves and just by themselves, they were especially created for the purpose, to end the tyrant.
Sikhism started with Guru Nanak. He opposed the mighty aggressor Babbar single-handedly. He called him Jabbar (meaning tyrant and cruel) right to his face. Later Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to death for not accepting Islam. The story of the Last Sikh Guru Govind Singh begins as Aurangzeb the Emperor was a most intolerant Sunni Jihadi. To him Sufis and Shias were also infidels. Intoxicated by his power, he was killing Hindus on refusal to convert to Islam. Kashmir being the center of learning and Land of the Learned (Brahmans) became his special area of interest, as he believed converting intellectuals is more useful and easier. Disappointed, helpless Brahmins of Kashmir met Guru Teg Bhadur father of Last Guru with a hope. After discussions with them Guru Teg Bhadur sent a message to Aurangzeb that “all Hindus especially Kashmir Brahmins will embrace Islam willingly, provided you convince me and convert me”. This was a heartening development for Aurangzeb. By just converting one man he would get Paradise with 72 Virgins. Guru visited Delhi; he was made to converse with Quazi. Kazi said:” Idol worshiping and ringing of bells to please God is a sin. Muslims don’t do it, and we must finish these idol worshipers.” Guru said:” I don’t worship Idols nor believe in bells and I am against this ritual.” Kazi asked:” Why are you siding with them, if its so? “Guru said:” I don’t have the right to kill someone who does not believe in what I believe. I am for freedom first.” Not being able to convince Guru, his companions were brutally tortured before him to terrorize him. But he did not budge an inch. Finally Guru Teg Bhadur was also put to Death. This was the turning point in the history. After beheading him, Kazi announced: “In this land of Kafirs anyone who calls himself a Hindu, may come forward and pick your Kafir Guru’s head. There was a crowd of thousands and most of them were Hindus. But no one dared to come forward. That was declared the end of Hinduism. However, there was a dust storm and, taking advantage of it, one man cleverly managed to smuggle out the head of the beheaded Guru. He took Guru’s head straight to Punjab. He narrated the whole story to Guru Teg Bhadur’s son, the next and last Sikh Guru. “My Lord, no one dared to expose himself as Hindu, though there were thousands of them.”
Guru Govind Singh thought if Hindus can not dare to say publicly that they are Hindus that really means Hinduism has now ceased to exist.” Private, in-house rituals done secretly are not going to last long. One must have the courage to affirm his or her faith openly otherwise let’s disown our respective faiths. Timid should be turned into Soldier. At this point of time So Guru Govind Singh gave Sikhs an Identity, a sign and lost Pride through 5ks, the bearing of which meant he can not shy away from the fact that he is a follower of his faith. These sign are hair, (unshorn), Kirpan/weapon Kara, Kachha, Kanga . Now onward turncoat can not be a Sikh. If you are a Sikh you are a thorough Sikh, Sikh inside and Sikh outside. No room for escape. Your enemy knows you, be ready to face it; otherwise you are not a Sikh and you can’t be. That is it ! This boldness and direct challenge is the only Mantra to answer Jihad, and to radicals, to oppressors, to mad lunatics. No double-mindedness, I am what I am, I am here to save humanity, old or young, sturdy or fragile but I am bold and strong; I am a Sikh. Sikh Slogans and challenging chants are ‘Chardikala’ meaning ‘in high spirits’. Sikhs chant it even when injured or dying or even in captivity. ‘Sat Sri Akal’ meaning Truth shall prevail. ‘Raj Karega Khalsa, aaki rahe na koy’ The Pure shall rule (not oppressors with worldly power) and there is no impediment in that.
Now the whole Human race needs same firmness and zero tolerance against Jihadis. Guru Teg Bhadur did not die for his faith; he was not an Idol worshiper: he died for others faith and his principal which is: ” not to oppress and not to be oppressed “.
From the very beginning they were outward looking, developing new relations and maintaining old ones, seeking new techniques, seeking and providing help from and to anyone and everyone who can defeat Jihadis.

Still how a handful of Sikhs overthrew the Mighty Moguls, chased Jihadis right up to their burrows in Afghanistan and Iran, took over Kabul, Kandahar, and Jalalabad, and made them sign a “document of repentance and apology” for their and their forefather’s misadventures/misdeeds. Nalwa made Afghans wear Salwar Kamiz (the dress of women, who were seen as lowly creatures and slaves by Jihadis). This was blow to their ego, against their, beliefs and considered as humiliation to self esteem of ‘Great Warrior Tribes’. This situation cropped up because ‘Brave Pathan Mercenaries’ tried to escape as women, disguised as women, by putting dressed in Salwar-Kamiz and a Burqua on top of it. Since the Sikh commander-in-chief : Hari Singh Nalwa’s order to his men was : ‘no rape, no molestation, and no harm to children’. While trying to fool Nalwa & Sikhs, they were caught in women dresses. Nalwa sneered and spared them as ‘Men without Manliness’ so at par with women.
Afghans had to accept this humiliation and, later it became part of their life, and now it is their ‘National Dress’. Arabs still taunt Afghans as homos and Kafir regarding the Salwar issue.
Battle of Saragarhi, fought in September is just on example, where 21 Sikhs in an unknown land, ill-equipped and cordoned off, battled with 15000 Jihadis, for three days till their last man was killed. Figures are: Sikh Causalities 21, Jihadis Causalities 600 on the spot and 2000 wounded, from unconfirmed sources to 2500 killed latter because of battle wounds and 4000 Injured.
We all need to study, what were military and other strategies and strengths of Sikhs? What can we learn from Sikh history?

As history revels despite Jihadis being in absolute Power when Sikhs came into being, there was reverse conversion, through dialogue and peaceful means.
How hurting was Islamic Rule impact on India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh that a new religion/Panth came into being as retaliation?
In living memory
India (Bharat) was tragically partitioned nearly six decades back(1947). The great tragedy is that it was not partitioned as “Muslim India” and ” Hindu India” or ” Muslim India” and “Non-Muslim India” but as “Muslim India” ( now Pakistan ) and “Secular India”.
In other words Muslims got a Muslim Monopoly ( Darul-Islam Country) in Pakistan as well as a share in Bharat (India) where they are equal partners with Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists, who got one country to be shared amongst them and Muslims. .
It was a clear victory for Jihad, but was projected as a Win-Win situation by Gandhi and his sponsors and former Colonial Masters ‘The British’.
Busy in celebrating or reconciling WW II, the West did not realize the Jihad that had taken Place in East.
This ‘Independence’ had a price tag “One and a half Millions Deaths”, “Uprooting of 10s of Millions” of citizens on the basis of religion ( very obviously favoring Jihadis) and the seeds of another Jihad/Partition to be watered by left-over Jihadis in Secular India, Jihadis smartly hidden in the garb of Liberal Hindu culture/Secularism..
It was a Win-Win Situation in fact for Jihadis ( the new Rulers of Pakistan ) and for their Partners in the establishment of Secular India.
Jihadis got a full-fledged Nation State (Pakistan) plus Rights in the other Nation State called India, by being Equal Partners in it.
India’s new, installed and incompetent leaders also felt themselves winners, because they got rid of their competitors in power, especially Mr. Jinnah who could outsmart incompetent Indian Leaders/ Installed Agents.
One Mr. Mohan the Ringleader of these incompetent, imposed and bogus leaders wanted himself to be written down in history as the apostle of Love, and he succeeded in it.
He fooled the world that time, now the world is still fooling itself by seeing that agent, power-broker, Jihad-Sympathizer and veiled Jihadi as a SAINT! The deceiver was probably also hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize. His followers, who are still in absolute power in India, are still trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize for him posthumously.
The Jihadi Propaganda was so strong that at one time even Hindus started feeling that Sikhs were too inhuman to Jihadis, without realizing ‘Human Rights for Right Humans only’. Hindus were made to believe by Ringleader called ‘SAINT’ and his followers (most probably to serve Jihadi interests) Sikhs were no longer their well-wishers and this strategy did work to some extend, at one point some Sikhs started distancing themselves from their Hindu brothers. But in fact the bond between the two communities is so strong that nothing can separate them. ‘It was like cutting water with a stick’ as old Punjabi saying is. Jihadis failed miserably in their operation and their stooges so called Seculars and followers of Dubious Saint could not accomplish the assigned project
Sikhs did not fight the Jihadis just for themselves, but for the whole Human Race. Since Sikhs realized the time bomb has not to be just neutralized, but be diffused and dismantled and destroyed. Sikhs also did not fight just by themselves.

As expected, in six decades the population of Non-Muslims that was more than 20% in Pakistan has diminished to less than 3%.
The reason is Jihad, working to, convince the gullible, give concessions to, and indulgence to terrorizing the traumatized Non-Muslims to convert.
The population of Bangladesh ( a State which later separated from Pakistan) had more than 35% Hindu Population now has less than 7% Hindus.
Whereas the Muslim Population of Bharat (India) that was lesser than 10% after Partition, is now anything between 15 to 25%. This Game of Demography is another struggle, lost by Bharat (India) and followers of Indigenous Dharma/Panths (Religions) including non-Jihadi foreign-originated Religions (of course now these religions are as much part of India as Indigenous Religions/Panths)
Furthermore, Zoroastrianism is condemned in its country of origin, Iran , but is respected in Bharat. This religious tolerance of Bharat was respected by Parsis but is exploited by Jihadis.
Now whole world Knows Sikhs, so Support Sikhs, adopt their strategies.
Hereby, continuing the Sikh Tradition, ‘I appeal to the whole human race to unite against Jihadis’.
Why am I writing this to the Christian West ? Because you need Sikh (type)-Christians to be raised to counter the onslaught of an anti-human evil cult.
FAQ 1.
“There are allegation of fraud conversion to Christianity by Christian Missionaries, why are you not against Christianity?”
Answer. First. Christianity is a Religion and no one who adheres to Manav Dharma by means of any Bharat Panths, can not be against any Religion.
Second. Christianity is not with a mindset of Subjugation, Conquest or justifying any means including lies, deceitful means or promises virgins to covert.
Third. I am against Cheats. Taking the advantage of its religious tolerance some (Un)Christian Missionaries are also into spurious conversions, but its overzealousness of some Christian denominations, Churches and individuals behind it. No way can Holy Bible be held responsible, nor is any Christian Governments budgeting the conversion or actively or remotely promoting it. The damage done by these Missionaries to Indigenous Dharma/Religion are
a: the converts are uprooted from their roots, cut of from their folks and there is mistrust between neo-converts and parental community.
b: They identify themselves with alien faith that they hardly understand since the Missionaries converting them are namesake Christian, anyhow the neo-converts are alienated from motherland. These neo-Converts in turn convert more aboriginals, Tribals, poor, disadvantageous victims. They use every method from ‘planted miracles’ to glorifying false stories about Jesus to draw analogies with Hindu Gods the animal and fallible gods of primitive, lowly, colonized Hindu Race. Now these neo-converts become anti-Hindu, and identify Jihadis as lesser enemy or even friends as discriminated cousins.
c: The neo-convert (and their white masters) in turn are extremely dedicated, some times they are carried away, sometimes because of own reasons and most of the time to prove their loyalty. They keep inventing Christianity and have created a Pagan-Christianity. So this false Christianity is doing harm to soul of Christianity as the genuine peace loving Missionaries also get maligned.
d: Much of Christian and Hindu force is spent contending each other, like Jews and Christians or Catholic and Protestants. This dilutes their energy to fight Universal Evil ‘The Jihad’.
FAQ 2.
” Are Sikhs Hindus?”
Answer. I say No, they are not. Now I counter question:” Is butter milk?” The answer is here: Butter is not milk, it is enhanced milk. It is not milk yet butter is milk.
Sikh is by not Hindu. Sikhism is an Independent Panth.
Sikh is not Hindu technically (legally). Sikhism is an independent Panth, like any other Panth of Bharat.
I repeat Sikh is not Hindu, the same way butter is not milk, and Sikh is very much a Hindu, as butter is milk in a different form.
“ Is military operation only solution?, can’t we have some other ways to eradicate this neurosis disease, after all they are a bunch of lunatic hysterics who are creating trouble, military operation could cost a lot of money and lives and may erode human values and human rights, which we the civilized world are committed to?”
Answer: Military action is no panacea; other modes are to be applied as well.
We must not write them off as Lunatic bunch, they are also humans apparently, genetically and leally. Due to some history of genetic malfunction and insular failure or by some accident as or infected by this communicable disease some people lose human attributes. However, this is generally reversible trough application of, primatologists, cognitive psychology before and during surgical treatment and remorse sickness therapy, rehabilitation packages after cure. So recommend mercy killings are not recommended.
Regarding number even if one lunatic enters cockpit the plane will crash, so even if one lunatic is to be immobilize. Here, the number of lunatics is Billion plus, so can’t ignore themanymore. This decision for surgery is hard and may have some components violating human rights, but it is like surgeon’s knife.

1. ‘Whole human race to unite against Jihadis’.
2. While eradicating the disease the patients should be dealt carefully and very humanly, isolate and keep them under observation until they are cured and are normal human beings. Surgical operations should be done where required but Mercy killings should be avoided.

* Doctors mean politicians, military commanders and off course medical doctors, neurologists, physiatrist. remorse sickness therapists, primatologists, cognitive psychology

10 years ago

Wow! Very edifying article….thanks! My attitude is very similar to that of the Guru Teg Bhadur. I also think that no one has the right to interpret God’s words or will to me and to try to force me to believe it…..and I stand strong, and armed(as all Sikhs are supposed to be)and fiercely ready to defend my rights as a human being, created by God, to believe as I CHOOSE!

10 years ago
Reply to  Tonto

very inspiring brother. WG ji da khalsa, WG ji di fateh.

wolfy ghalkhani
wolfy ghalkhani
10 years ago
Reply to  admin

WOW. your post brought tears to my eyes. I inadvertenlty came across the history of India while studying Persian history particularly the Islamic invasion of Persia. I never knew the suffering that India suffered at the hands of the Muslims.America’s ignorance and arrogance is incredible. And, because of its arrogance and ignorance, America will fall to these dirty lizard eaters whose mentality is nothing but rape and plunder. The whole world is at risk. I see nothing but a dark future for America even if some of us wise up- its too late. Civil war is inevitable. I’m very fearful, but like you Sikhs I will fight.

New Crusader
New Crusader
10 years ago

Thanks for the history lesson. I have learned some of this briefly before, but not well enough. A bit of history I would like to know better.

10 years ago

The Sikhs often walk armed, and they do so because they know they must.
If anything, the Sikh experience tells us that without a general armament of the population, and the availability of the weapons of defense, there is no hope for the non-Muslim community against Islam.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And continue to help us understand ways in which we can ally with and assist your community. You may be small in numbers, but knowledge of your historical experience will be extremely valuable in defending the freedom of the free, and in liberating those who wish to be so.

10 years ago
Reply to  eib

I am also well aware that our President refused to visit the Golden Temple at Amritsar. He refused because he was a Muslim, and he refused in order to dishonor you, your tradition, and your people.
And for that, I am deeply sorry.

Dharam Panthi
Dharam Panthi
10 years ago

There are many doubts about Jinnah’s Muslim commitment. As his grand father was expelled from Hinduism because of his activities, his son Jinnah’s father, convinced the family to convert to Islam at least temporarily. Jinnah however being educated realized the irrationality of the newly adopted faith. So he never practiced Islam, nor could he read Koran, the book of faith that was refuge tactic, till things cool down. On getting mature he got married again to a non-Muslim and made sure his offspring will not sink down in spiral of irrationality, so he facilitated his daughter’s affair with a Non-Muslim. At the same time he realized it pays to be Muslim, especially if educated one, so while he acted as Muslim leader at the same time never practiced Islam, rather he sidelined Fundamentalists, and actual Muslims. Maulana Azad another Muslim leader of Cogress Party latter wrote in his book ” It is division of Muslims more than partition of India”.
Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha and Akali Dal were against partition of India, but Jinnah was for Fractured Pakistan. Congress was labeled as Hindu Party by Jinnah as policy, so innocent Hindus/Sikhs were tricked to believed that Congress is not a Muslim Party,whereas Vir Savarkar and Master Tara singh could see through the game, and agreement between Nehru who was namesake Hindu but worked as Muslim agent and Jinnah who was namesake Muslim will divide the pie i.e. power. With their money from Muslims worldwide and Muslim Rulers in India the two true men could not match the propaganda war barely with honesty and ideology, so Indians in great number voted for Congress and Muslims for Pakistan through Muslim League. Later on as per plan both Muslim League/Jinnah and Congress/Nehru-Gandhi joined hands and signed physical cut of Motherland of Hindus, hence Pakistan was chopped off. Jinnah new well state of Pakistan, being an artificial state with sharia and other irrational elements as its basic component will turn into Failed State and eventually will beg to be rejoined with India. With in few months the binding force of Islam and Urdu fell flat and demand to throw out Urdu East Bengal, Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, FATA and Pukhtoonistan all indigenous peoples of places where the country name exists turned against Urdu. In few years Bangladesh fell out of Pakistan.To keep it as one country at least apparently Pakistani Establishment used the second card Islam. This card worked as Original natives on whose Land, and cost of language and culture Pakistan was made discovered that it suits to prosecute remaining Hindus and confiscate their assets rather fighting to finishing poverty ridden Muslim/Urdu speaking migrants. Especially Punjabis used refugees Muslim Uneducated and uprooted migrants as fodder for slave factory, Migrants are still taunted as Mohajeers and they accuse natives of Pakistan especially Punjabis behave as Colonial Masters. There are counter allegations that Mohajirs are agents of India. Civil Society of Pakistan now questions, the very need of Jinnahistan called Pakistan.People in Civilized world are concerned about Nukes with Pakistan. Most of the countries consider it as Rogue & failed State, even the Rich Muslim countries think twice before charity, since the charity was used against humanity. Jinnah’s decedents do not live in Pakistan or ever opted for its citizenship.

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Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
10 years ago

Thanks for Reply.
Dear,But time is running out, lets do thinks fast.

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Screw their demands. American’s start forming coalitions to dismantle and remove these enemies of America. We have the know how and the man power. Let’s roll.

Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
Ravi Ranjan Singh Panth Bharti
10 years ago
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Dear Jo on, Good luck.
Be quick every minute enemy is working multi fold faster than humans.

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Dr Nicolai Sennels, Danish writer and psychiatrist author of ‘Muslims and Westerners. The Psychological Differences,’ made a good point about immigrants. He said that the mistake made by the West was to give them a long leash initially and that it was better to give them a short leash and gradually lengthen it if appropriate. We apparently are now faced with the difficulty of trying to shorten the leash. Dr Sennels advised that people must band together to stop Muslim paranoia and victimhood and take a tougher approach instead of giving more money. Sounds simple advice, but it is refreshing to hear condemnation of Muslim attitudes from a rational person without a political agenda.

Rui Alberto
Rui Alberto
10 years ago

suddenly they are worried with the violation of ALL american’s rights