Spain Region Bans Muslim Call to Prayer!

Just a couple of hours ago, I posted about the Islamic call to prayer coming to Washington DC on 911. Not only is this a smack in the face to America on 911, it is a symbol of Islamic dominance. This mayor gets it!

A northeastern Spain municipality with a 40-percent Muslim population has reportedly banned the Muslim call to prayer also known as Azan.

Salt’s mayor Jaume Torramade has asserted that the proclamation to prayer was not to be heard in the municipality during his tenure.

He has accused the Muslim immigrants there of having leaned towards ‘radicalism’ over the recent years, the Hudson Institute policy organization reported.

In a recent interview, Torramade pointed out that “a few years ago, the Maghreb (Moroccan) women were more westernized, but nowadays one sees much less of that.”

“The large numbers of Muslim immigrants in Salt have attracted imams who are enforcing conduct and dress codes. Muslim women used to wear blue jeans, but now they cover their hair.”

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Banning the call to prayer should be permanent. So should ending all Muslim immigration, and Mosque construction.

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