Message to the New York Times’ Scott Shane ~ Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are NOT the Problem!

Ever since the tragic Norway mass murders perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik, I have seen attack after attack on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Blaming them for the actions of Anders Breivik. This is not only outrageous, it is irresponsible reporting!

Pointing out the hatred that stems from the Islamic scriptures, and the pro-Sharia actions of Muslims across the world, does not make Pamela and Spencer hateful people. It makes them caring people. People who actually care about preserving Western Civilization. People who actually care for the future generations of America. Including the future generations of the New York Times’ Scott Shane, who wrote a hit piece on Spencer. Does Shane actually know about the Sharia movement that is taking place across the West? If he does I do not see him writing about it. I went back 10 pages into his New York Times archives, and I did not see even one article on the Western Sharia movement. Now why would that be?

I’ll make this easy for Shane, and show him some video proof of the Sharia movement within America.

Illinois: Muslim Leader Calls for Sharia to the Chants of “Allah Akbar”!! ~ Video

USA: Hizb ut-Tahrir Leader Calls for Muslim Armies to Unite, Speaks of “Sheikh Obama” ~ Video

Now we move onto the Sharia movement taking taking place in the UK.

IslamoPUNK Anjem Choudary Lays out the Sharia Plan for the UK ~ Video

Shane would you like to see the what Muslims are up to in Malmo Sweden?

Islam Taking Over Malmo Sweden~Video

How about Paris?

Paris: 100′s Take to the Streets in an Anti-Israel, Pro-Hezbollah Rally~ Video

Do you see a pattern yet Shane? Well, here is one from the Netherlands.

Netherlands Warning to the USA~ Video

I’m not done yet Shane, a partial list of US Mosques which are preaching for Sharia can be viewed HERE.

Is that clear enough Shane, or do you wish to remain purposely blind? As for Norway, there is a reason they banned Sharia Courts. The reason being is that the West is under Islamic invasion, and most of the Sharia campaign is taking place within the law.

So I ask you Shane, when you carelessly blamed Robert Spencer who is not calling for violence against Muslims across the West, for the actions of a madman, did you actually think it through? Who is going to stand up for Western Civilization and speak out against the threat of Sharia, YOU? Apparently not! You are just a distraction to a very serious problem. For the sake the of your future generations, please think before you write. Thank you.

Scott Shane can be reached HERE.