Australia: Muslim Conference Calls for Sharia Whether we Like it or not! ~ Video

On July 3rd the Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir held a conference in Australia. One of the speakers at that conference clearly laid out the Islamic goal for the world, as he called for “radical change”. This change is Sharia, whether we like it or not!

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Koran verse 003.083
YUSUFALI: Do they seek for other than the Religion of Allah?-while all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling, bowed to His Will (Accepted Islam), and to Him shall they all be brought back.

Please watch at least the first 8 minutes, and you will see what I stated and how they use their oil against us. The plan is clear!

Those who want Sharia should NOT be allowed to assemble in our home. Would you let your enemy stay in your house?!