Soros Study: UK Muslims Most Patriotic

Leftist George Soros has reached a new low, as he is looking to give a good name to the Sharia loving Muslims of the UK. Sure Muslims there consider themselves British, as they think that they own the place. Calling for war from the Sharia Courts is a perfect example of this. Next time mind your own business George, some of us actually know what is going on there.

UK Muslims Europe’s Most Patriotic: Study

CAIRO — Though being looked at with suspicion, Muslims in the United Kingdom are the most patriotic in Europe, a new study by a leading international institute has found. On average 78 percent of Muslims identified themselves as British, according to a study conducted by the Open Society Institute and cited by Sunday Times on December 13.

The study, funded by George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, was conducted over two and a half years, involving 2,200 in-depth interviews and 60 focus groups in 11 cities across Europe with large Muslim communities.

The cities were chosen to be representative of varying levels of integration and cohesion across the continent.

The results show that on average 78 percent of Muslims identified themselves as British, 49 percent considered themselves French and just 23 percent who feel German.

The survey found that levels of patriotism are much higher among second-generation Muslims.

In Leicester, 72 percent of Muslims born abroad said they felt British compared to 94percent among UK-born Muslims.


Nazia Hussain, director of the research project, believes the study shows a discrepancy between how British Muslims see themselves and how the society looks at them.

“There is a disturbing message that emerges from these findings,” Hussain told the Times.

“Even though Muslims overwhelmingly feel British, they’re not seen as British by wider society,” she added.

A 2007 survey by the Financial Times showed that Britons are the most suspicious about Muslims.

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