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My Email to Judge Miles-LaGrange

Judge Miles-LaGrange,

I am writing to you in regards to your recent ruling on Oklahoma’s Sharia Law ban. In your ruling you had made the following statement.

Furthermore, plaintiff has presented testimony that “Sharia Law” is not actually “law”, but is religious traditions that provide guidance to plaintiff and other Muslims regarding the exercise of their faith.

Oklahoma Judge: Sharia Law is not Actually a set of Laws

Yesterday Judge Miles-LaGrange went against the will of the people, and blocked the certification of the Sharia ban. Besides doing that she has also shown us just how uninformed on the issue she is. She has blinded accepted what the Council on American Islamic Relations has told her.

From the Court documents.

Oklahoma Judge Sides With CAIR and Blocks Sharia ban!

In this disappointing but not surprising update to the elected Sharia ban in Oklahoma Courts, we see that Judge Miles-LaGrange has gone against the will of the people. As she has blocked the certification of the Sharia ban. This is a preliminary injunction, until a final decision is made on the lawsuit. But for now, she just handed Islam a victory.

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to File Suit Against Oklahoma’s Sharia ban

Yesterday when I posted about Oklahoma banning Sharia Law from being used in their courts, I stated that I hoped Muslims would file a lawsuit against this. As it will only expose the internal threat of Islam even more, and the public will get to learn about the true hateful nature of Sharia. I would like to personally thank the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), for helping our side out. Then have shown us they are pro-Sharia, and are a clear enemy of America. So now anytime a US politician supports them this needs to be brought up. Within the law, lets bring CAIR and Sharia down!