Wisconsin: Plan Commission Approves New Mosque

When it comes to Islam our Constitution is not protecting us, so we have to try and protect ourselves. To do this we must continue to educate our fellow countrymen, to the rising threat of the Islamization of America. Another Mosque is getting set to rise in America, and this time the target is Wisconsin. Only one more step is needed, and that is the approval by the Town of Wilson’s next board meeting, which is in two days. Please give them a call, or send them an email, and warn them of the true threat of Islam. The contact information can be found HERE.

Mosque Plan Headed To Town of Wilson Board

TOWN of WILSON, Wis. (WHBL) – A proposed mosque in the Town of Wilson will be debated before the Town Board after the Plan Commission gave it the thumbs up.

Following the positive recommendation by the Plan Commission, final approval for the mosque at 9110 Sauk Trail Road is now on the agenda for the Town of Wilson’s next board meeting Monday. During the Plan Commission meeting, concerns over what activities the mosque may bring to the area were again raised when the discussion turned to specifically mentioning that firearms or weapons should not be allowed on the property.

Stacy Salman, who is with the Islamic Society of Sheboygan County, hopes the mere presence of the mosque leads the community to a better understanding of Islam.

Mohammad Hamad, also with the Society, says the center will be open to all and given the current climate in the world, Society members are eager to start a dialogue with anyone who has questions.

The Town of Wilson’s Board meeting will be at 6 P.M. Monday the 17th at the Town Hall.

Of course they will not tell the truth. Instead they will play the Islam is a religion of peace game. That is where your help is needed. Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and call the board.

Thank you.

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