Muslim Comment of the day #13 ~ Death

In this 13Th segment of the “Muslim Comment of the day” series we once again sadly see the cult like mentally displayed by two more members…errr…victims of the cult of Islam. Once again showing us how Muslims revere death.

Notice the 94 likes. Sad.

Where does this fascination with death stem from?

Koran 4:95

As you see dying while fighting for the cause of Allah is supposedly a one-way ticket to paradise for Muslims. Further encouraged in Koran verse 2:154.

Koran 2:154

Which leads us to Tafsir Ibn Kathir. A scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran.

Which now brings us back to more of the Koran’s encouragement for Muslims to fight for Allah and possibly die while doing so.

Koran 2:216

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Which finally brings us to zakat (charity). Which is something Muslims use in their Islamic sales pitch in attempt to make Islam seem benign. What they don’t tell us is that 1/8 of it is allocated to those fighting for the violent jihad. Showing us that both, violent and non-violent Muslims are part of the problem. Something the mainstream media will not admit.