Wannabe Nazi Freak to LW: “I’d cut Your Throat for fun” ~ Audio

Unfortunately this wannabe Nazi freak is not the first person who has become absolutely obsessed with me. This is due to the fact that I will not be bullied off of my political views by anyone. With that threats become the last resort for the opposition.

The argument which escalated up to this blatant threat took place on MeWe with the Jew hating filth An Equqitorial Resident.

As you can see this maniac is as anti-Jewish as they come. Obviously hating Israel as well. So after easily out debating him and proving that the Israel – Palestine conflict is because of Islam by using the Hamas Charter his anger grew.

Then after he said Israel did not exist long ago I again proved him wrong by saying that the Bible mentions the nation of Israel. After that his anger torpedoed! Which resulted in him in sending me a private message on MeWe.

ESCALATION: (Please excuse my language in the next screenshot. I just don’t bow to bullies.)

From there I played his voice message and rerecorded it at the same time.


(Note: the audio file you heard is longer than the one in the picture because I had to turn on my cell recorder first before going back to MeWe to play the threat.)

Obviously this guy is not too bright, but this is what we are dealing with friends. Watch your back!

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