Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi to LW: Christianity is the Anti-Christ, We OWN the US Military!

imagesASHI1GVTI have stated numerous times that Islam is as anti-Christianity as it gets. So as promised, here is the Sheik’s vile anti-Christian rant. But wait, there is more!

He also points out how our great US Military is becoming Islamified, and fighting in the name of Islam. I know that is a harsh reality, but building Islamic countries is fighting for Islam. That is the sad reality of the US government. Fighting in the name of the enemy.


Farook Mohammed
To: Christopher Logan

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. The Mujahideen of America in US Uniform.

How beautiful the honored soldiers of the Caliphate, finally men wear manly beards again and fulfill their true nature.

Honored like the great armies lead by Sallahuddin Ayubi, their eyes have been opened to the fact that Christianity itself is Anti-Christ, they associate partners with God which is an unforgivable sin, Jesus peace be upon him is not God for God is not man and does not pray but Jesus prayed to God, God rejects that others be worshiped beside Him.

Islamic Monotheism is true Monotheism, Christianity is Idolism of Immoral, Half Naked, men on crosses, each with differing features and even if there had been one of these it is still Idolism of a naked statue supposedly depicting Jesus the Slave of Allah.

Islam is the only true religion.
The US Armed Forces are inclined to Islam because it is the truth, they shall no longer waste their lives for the Laws of men but sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah, their hearts embrace the truth that there is no other God besides Allah, the One, The Immortal, The Incomparable, Creator of everything that exists.

Their eyes have been opened to the lies of US Corporate Media outlets, America is going through an internal revolution and the people are willfully embracing Islam.

Islam has brought honor and dignity to America.

This is what is being implemented throughout America:

This is the future of America

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It is clear the US Military is slowing becoming Islamified, and while ACT!’s Brigitte Gabriel supports Muslims in the US Military, we here at North American Infidels (NAI) do not. In order to win this war we need leaders who will not bow down to the enemy ideology of Islam in anyway. Please join North American Infidels today! You can do so, by clicking HERE.

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