Pentagon Channel: General Petraeus Bows to Islam

Watch as the top dog of the US Military, General David Petraeus bows down to the book of the enemy ideology. I wonder if the General respects Mein Kampf as well?

The General is not the only one who is concerned with respecting Islam. Is this second video we see that the mission is still to “win the hearts and minds” of the people of Afghanistan. Will they ever realize nation building has failed, and bowing down to Islam only helps it advance across the world?

In the final video, the spokesperson states we did not “disrespect” the locals. How nice. Do you realize that you are disrespecting yourself and America by respecting Islamic culture?

The soldiers that I have spoken to do not care for Islam as all, so this is not a knock on them, but on their so called “leaders”. The ones who drew up the war plans. It is time realize that supporting a Sharia state is not what US Soldiers should be doing. Afghanistan is not worth one drop of US blood. It is time to bring the troops home.

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