Logan’s Warning ~ North American Infidels Update!

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Hello friends,

I apologize for the time off, I just wanted to take short break before we hit the ground running with our new project! In case you missed my Easter Day appearance on the EDL Radio Show, I proudly announced that I was handed the reigns of the North American Infidel (NAI) Facebook page! The page is turning into an anti-Islam army, as we are close to 5000 strong! 

Besides being handed the reigns of the page, I have also been named the President of North American Infidels! The main reason I accepted the responsibility is that while there are a lot of great people educating the public to the threat of Islam, we do not have nearly enough prominent non-Muslims actually naming the enemy, and providing solutions to the problem. That is where NAI comes in. We are not going to play politically correct games and use terms such as “moderate Islamist”, “radical Islamist” and “Islamism”.  Doing so has been a huge failure. The Koran is the book of Islam, not “Islamism”. So that makes Islam itself the enemy ideology. We are also not going to mislead Americans into believing “moderate” Muslims are going to come riding in on white horses and save the day. It did not happen in the UK, and it will not happen here. NAI is going to take on Islam head-on while providing solutions to the threat. It is is going to take  a lot of legwork, but we have no problem leading the way. Over the next few weeks or so I will be drawing up the platform for North American Infidels. We will make a difference!

Please join our army by “liking” the page, which can be found by clicking HERE.

I would like to give a big round of applause to the admin team consisting of:

Dan Cox
Dawn Ellen
Michael Gerardi
Tommy Hunt
Melanie Oberg
Mr. 6425

Thanks for all you do!



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