Friday Fan Mail for the Logan’s Warning Infidel Team!

I was just going through my emails, and saw that I received an Islamic fan mail.

Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 12:41:13 -0400

Thats cute. A whole website where you can bash on muslims and give a bad depiction of us. All Muslims put together dont have as much hate and intolerance in their heart as each one of you does individually. Nothing makes you better than us. Now i feel bad that i live my life exactly as you guys do. Losing my identity for what? To stand by while you give completely false opinions of us. Soldier of Islam? Try a student in America like anyone else. Watching 90210, eating mcdonalds, going to college, making friends in all ethnic groups, making mistakes, making positive changes in an environment, doing homework, getting on facebook, having healthy relationships. Stop being so close-minded. If i become a journalist i hope i never turn into what you guys have turned into. All you guys do is half-ass research, slander, lie, and offend people. You want to know what else we learn in Islamic History. Diversify, get along with other people in different religion, dont force your religion down others throats, keep peace, spread a positive image, do good deeds. Im a muslim, i learn islamic history, i am 18, ive never had a physical fight in my life, i never wanted to even hurt an enemy. Im as passive as it gets and i dont hate anyone. I am, however
, disgusted by your ignorance.

As you can see, it does not take much to get a Muslim to side with Islam over America. They just keep proving us correct. The following was my response:

Mohammad himself was a terrorist, pedophile, and rapist. He was the ultimate Muslim. You might want to ask the Coptics of Egypt and Christians of Nigeria about your third sentence. Islam also calls for the dominance over non-Muslims, while allowing slavery. Why would I be open-minded to those actions? Do you condemn Sharia Law? How about you come back and prove my “ignorance”? I am disgusted by the actions of Mohammad.

Mohammad ~ The Poisoned Mind of Prophet Pervert Penetrates America!

BTW: Western Civilization is far better than the brutality of lslamic Law.

Happy prayer day my friend!

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