Islamic School Cowers Over Christian Outreach ~ Closes for day!

For years I have been saying that in order to win the war with Islam, America is going to need a strong Christian voice. Thankfully some Christian groups are not afraid to take a stand, and are not being passive in this war. What is so funny about this article is that just the thought of Reclaiming Missouri for Christ talking to Muslims, had the “all mighty” Allah shaking in his boots!

Islamic school in Ballwin cancels classes after word of ‘protest’

BALLWIN • An Islamic school has canceled classes for Friday after parents and faculty expressed concern about a Christian group gathering outside the school to distribute religious materials.

“We sent a notice to parents that attendance was optional in case they didn’t feel comfortable,” said Donna Bari, a spokesman for Al-Salam Day School, which serves about 300 students in grades kindergarten through eighth. “Many, many called.”
As a result, Bari said, the principal and the school board agreed to close the school for the day.

“Hopefully, it will be peaceful. Whatever they are protesting,” Bari said.

Mark Kiser, president of Reclaiming Missouri for Christ, the group gathering outside the school, took issue with calling the event a protest.

“This is definitely not a protest of any kind,” said Kiser, of Springfield, Mo. “There will be no signs, no megaphones. No yelling and screaming. Just gentle, loving outreach.”


The school sits next door to Daar-ul-Islam mosque, also known as the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis. The mosque will host Friday prayers at noon and 1 p.m.

Imam Asif Umar said he does not expect problems. The group has a Constitutional right to assemble and speak their mind, he said.

“In Islam, we are taught to respect all religions and beliefs,” Umar said. “No matter their ideologies.”

Kiser’s organization notified police by letter that members planned to be outside the school and mosque on Friday. Kiser said he did not want it to come as a surprise or be misrepresented why his group was gathering. As Christians, he said, there is a responsibility to share the teachings in the Bible “and talk about eternity.”

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Umar, then why did you run with your tail between your legs? What happened to interfaith faith dialogue? Islam, the one-way street…