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Lead Story On RevolutionMuslim.com is Article From Logans Warning

Besides this site getting more and more popular with non-Muslims, more Muslims are also picking up on it. This morning our friends over at My Pet Jawa, gave me a heads up, and informed me that one of my stories in which I called for an end of Muslim immigration, was copied in its entirety and reposted on www.RevolutionMuslim.com. Obviously we are doing something right over here. Revolution Muslim leader Younus Abdullah Muhammad and his crew, did not comment on my article, they just posted it to put the word out to his readers. No surprise though.

Paltalk July 31St: Global Islamic Conference, Plotting World Domination

Muslims that do not hide their agenda of dominating non-Muslims, are uniting across the world. Just like Hitler they openly state their goals, and just like with Hitler the world is ignoring their threats. Here we have a rogues gallery of dangerous Muslims getting together, and planning their strategy to help Islam dominate the world. Below I provide some background information on our enemies.

NY Muslims Hate Filled Reaction To Draw Mohammad Day~ Video

Muslims keep implying that Islam is so strong, yet they continue to be “offended”, by freedom of speech and expression. If Allah is so strong, he should be able to take it. This is from the NY based RevolutionMuslim.com group, which is the group that ignited the South Park controversy storm. Their message of hate continues, and this pro-911 video, is as hateful as they come. We are all on their hit list.

NY: Islamic Hate-Monger vs. Muslim who Claims Islam Means Peace Debate~ Video

This is part II of this weekends Islamic tirade, by the members of RevolutionMuslim.com. Once again their spokesman Younus Muhammad attacks the White House, and calls for Allah to send down destruction on to it. What is interesting in this video is that Younus and a Muslim who claims that Islam is peaceful, have a debate. Guess who wins? I will give you are clue, Islam is a religion of war.

NY Muslims Go on Islamic Tirade Against non-Muslims & Obama~ Video

Back from their trip to White House, in which they invited Dictator Obama to Islam, NY based RevolutionMuslim.com members are back on the streets. This is part I of this weekends Islamic tirade. RM spokesman Younus Abdullah Muhammad openly calls for the hatred of us kuffar (peasants, disbelievers), and the destruction of Obama. Would our authority figures ignore this hatred, if a non-Muslim had said that about Obama?