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MPAC Retreats and Throws in the Towel

For years now I have been exposing the Muslim Public Affairs Council, errr….Muslim Propagandists Affairs Council for what they are. Liars for Allah.

Muslim Propagandist Affairs Council (MPAC) Knows Just Where to Strike!

Many times critics of mine have told me that Muslims are nowhere near the majority of America, so there is nothing to worry about. But the truth is that Muslims do not have to be anywhere near the majority of country, to change it to suit Islam. They just have to target three main areas. Our educational system, government, and media. To that we can also add using Hollywood as a propaganda tool, and the Islamic interfaith con.

MPAC’s Attempted Bombing of North American Infidels!

During my recent Internet travels in which I was searching for Muslim propagandists to expose, I replied to the following Tweet from the Muslim Propagandist Affairs Council. Also known as MPAC.

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MPAC bad idea

From there MPAC dropped the “Islamophobia” bomb on me! Which is nothing more than an attempt to destroy freedom of speech in regards to the critics of Islam.

MPAC bomb 2

Their strategic mistake was thinking that dropping the “Islamophobia” bomb would kill the discussion. But plan backfired as they were forced to retreat because they could not even begin to refute my points on Islam, or those of our friend Lodi Silverado.

MPAC bomb 3

MPAC bomb 4

MPAC bomb 5

Obviously MPAC’s battle plan is not equipped to deal with the critics of Islam who know Islam. On to the next victory! 

The Islamic State (IS) ~ What the Media Doesn’t Tell you

North American Infidels (NAI) exposes the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) again.

When Boko Haram kidnapped of 100s of girls to be sold as sex slaves, we here at North American Infidels (NAI) took it upon ourselves to show you how the act was Islam inspired. Tonight we take it upon ourselves to show you where the Islamic State’s (IS) persecution of Christians is derived from.

Al Jazeera Acknowledges our #ISpeakOutBecause Campaign!

I have some great news my friends! While they did not mention North American Infidels by name (because that would have just made us stronger), our friend Basima Faysal alerted me to the fact that the monstrous Muslim misinformation machine Al Jazeera, is up in arms over Team Infidel OWNING the #ISpeakOutBecause hash tag court!

Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….Part II

Hey infidels! I would just like to add a video follow-up to the “Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….” article. In the closing of the article I asked where Ali’s true loyalty lies, with America or the Koran? Between his attempts at intimidation, non-responses to me, and the following video, I’m going with the Koran. Maybe Ali would like to come here and prove me wrong?

Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….

Last week the insidious Islamic organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MAPC), once again used the freedoms of America against America, and held a teleconference on “Islamophobobia”. Muslims use the term “Islamophobia” as an attack tactic in an attempt to bully those who criticize Islam. What MPAC and other insidious Islamic organizations like CAIR do not tell you is that the term was born in Iran back in 1979 following the Islamic Revolution.

LAPD Bows to Islam….AGAIN!

OK, in the last three articles we had some good news. Now back to the bad news. Back in February I reported about Muslims attempting to bully the NYPD into making backing off on the Islamic community. The same attack is being made by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) on the LAPD, and for at least the second time the police department has bowed to Islam. The first time was in July when the LAPD held a forum in an Islamic Center linked to jihad sermons of Imam Ali. Now the LAPD has back into submission and has agreed to let MPAC dictate some of their policies. This is just another example of how Muslims are slowly changing America to suit Islam, by turning our freedoms into a tool of Islam.