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Special Easter Day Announcement on the English Defence League (EDL) Radio Show!! Triple Feature?

Hello friends!

This Easter Sunday I have the honor of returning to the East Anglian EDL Radio Show, and depending the Muslim traitors to the UK (Muslim Defence League, MDL), we might have a tremendous triple play! Besides being on with the shows two great hosts, Geoff Mitchell, and Kel Fritzi, Iron Woman Jan Rennie will be returning as well! Jan is the President of the Christian Defense League (CDL). She will be discussing the CDL, and as a UKer will be giving us a firsthand account of the Islamification of her country.

Whining Pro-Sharia Muslim Threatens to Sue Me and More

Apparently the leader of the UK based Muslim Defence League is bit sensitive. It is OK when him and his crew post on their Facebook page about how much they hate Israel, and how the UK will fall to Sharia. But when a non-Muslim brings this to light like I did on this site, “MDL” gets his panties all twisted. This morning the pro-Sharia gang leader of the “MDL”, left the following comment on my site.

UK: Muslims Try to Counter English Defence League

There is no doubt about it, sides are being drawn up and “moderate” Islam is not coming to the rescue. Muslim immigration is a life-threatening disease to the West, and it is very possible that civil wars are on the horizon. Most of the readers here know that Muslims have been on a non-stop mission, attempting to takeover the UK, but recently the English Defence League (EDL) was formed to counter the Islamic movement. To try and push back, Muslims have formed the Muslim Defence League (MDL).