UK: Muslims Try to Counter English Defence League

There is no doubt about it, sides are being drawn up and “moderate” Islam is not coming to the rescue. Muslim immigration is a life-threatening disease to the West, and it is very possible that civil wars are on the horizon. Most of the readers here know that Muslims have been on a non-stop mission, attempting to takeover the UK, but recently the English Defence League (EDL) was formed to counter the Islamic movement. To try and push back, Muslims have formed the Muslim Defence League (MDL).

From their Facebook page:


Muslim Defence League are allied with “Stop The English Defence League and Racism in Camden”

Here are some of the comments from the page.

Rage Moseley: Jew bastards hpe u all die!

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: Zionists will be defeated, that day is getting near to us Muslims to pick up a gun and blast these Zionist kuffar of the face of the planet infact it has started but we need the ummah to stand 2gether! Inshallah

Muslim Defence League (MDL): In times like this unity is needed!

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: U can say that but in east London itself it has most probably over 15 different type ov Muslims. The qur’an says to be a Muslim not a Sunni or a Shia or a Sufi! People need to go back to the qur’an before making a name up what is better than calling ourselves Muslims? Nothing we need to put our differences aside and follow the qur’an and sunnah. People are to in love with this life. Salaam

Muslim Defence League (MDL): This is why unity is needed..

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: But we really do need to unite.

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: May Allah swt guide all to the right path and be united ameen.

Muslim Defence League (MDL): ameen

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: Khilafa is coming to England soon. Ameen and as for those so called area code gangsters will be awaken inshallah and join the force of the Islamic state and be correcting there deen. I hope I just see this day inshallah and see the English defence poops in horror lmao.

Muhammad Rafiq Islam: Not only England but the entire world!

I have said over and over that pro-Sharia Muslims shall be looked upon as enemies of the state, just as Nazis were. Unfortunately Muhammad Rafiq Islam is living in London. He does not belong there.

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