Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….Part II

Hey infidels! I would just like to add a video follow-up to the “Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….” article. In the closing of the article I asked where Ali’s true loyalty lies, with America or the Koran? Between his attempts at intimidation, non-responses to me, and the following video, I’m going with the Koran. Maybe Ali would like to come here and prove me wrong?

Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….

Last week the insidious Islamic organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MAPC), once again used the freedoms of America against America, and held a teleconference on “Islamophobobia”. Muslims use the term “Islamophobia” as an attack tactic in an attempt to bully those who criticize Islam. What MPAC and other insidious Islamic organizations like CAIR do not tell you is that the term was born in Iran back in 1979 following the Islamic Revolution.

LAPD Bows to Islam….AGAIN!

OK, in the last three articles we had some good news. Now back to the bad news. Back in February I reported about Muslims attempting to bully the NYPD into making backing off on the Islamic community. The same attack is being made by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) on the LAPD, and for at least the second time the police department has bowed to Islam. The first time was in July when the LAPD held a forum in an Islamic Center linked to jihad sermons of Imam Ali. Now the LAPD has back into submission and has agreed to let MPAC dictate some of their policies. This is just another example of how Muslims are slowly changing America to suit Islam, by turning our freedoms into a tool of Islam.

This Sunday ~ University of Missouri-Kansas City ~ Promoting Islam!

Once again we see that Muslims do not have to be anywhere near the majority to change the country to suit Islam. The reason being is because they know exactly where to target. Our education system, our government, the media, and Pentagon.

This time our “friends” from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), are using the University of Missouri-Kansas City to help spread their message. A message that if not stopped, will eventually destroy America from within.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is in America: Holding Meeting in Secret Location Tomorrow With US Islamic Organization!

Yes that’s right! The Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal is Islamic world domination, have actually been allowed into our great country! They are touring Washington DC, and will be holding a conference with the American organization, The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). MPAC is similar to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). They both bully and brainwash America to suit Islam. CAIR does a lot of bullying of businesses, and fights anti-Sharia bills in US Courts. MPAC has also fought anti-Sharia bills, and has been known to manipulate our government and media. Both organizations are subversive to America.

IGNORANT California St. Senator Ted Lieu to Speak at “Islamophobia” Conference!

Obviously over the past few days most of you have read about the verbal war going on, over Lowes pulling their ads from the failure of a show “All-American Muslim”. Stepping into the fray is the useful idiot St. Senator of California Ted Lieu. Like his master Islamophile Dictator Obama, Ted is another out of control power freak who has threatened Lowes with legal action. So over the past 2 days or so, I and many others anti-Islamic teammates have been speaking to Lieu via Twitter. Doing so clearly exposed his ignorance, and treacherous actions to our non-Islamic country!