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Muslim MMA Fighter Disparages Ring Girl ~ Video

This might be the shortest article ever on Logan’s Warning, but that doesn’t matter though because it is surely one of the funniest! As Muslim Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ali Heibati disparages a ring girl. That is not the amusing part though. What happens after the fight is.

Prince Charles Praises Iran

No matter how much trouble Iran stirs up or how much Islam seeps into the UK, the higher ups of the UK will just not admit that Islam is a major threat to not only the country, but to humanity itself.

Exclusive ~ NY Muslims: Palestine to be Declared a State on Friday!

This article is the follow up to the “NY Muslims: Palestinian State is in the bag!” posting. Yesterday Muslim activists came together to protest across the street from United Nations. They were out there in support of “freedom” for Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen. Arriving on the scene, let’s take a quick pre-speech walk through the rally.

Tony Blair’s Sister-in-Law Converts to Islam

Recently UK Soccer Star Marlon King had joined the enemy, and converted to Islam. To make matters worse, Lauren Booth who is sister in law of Tony Blair, has also converted to Islam.

Booth who recently had some kind of Islamic “awakening”, had converted after protesting against Israel with a million hatemongers in Iran.

Iranian Cleric Calls for Iran to Dominate the Middle East

Before Obama won the election, I saw plenty of his supporters online, implying that the Islamic threat would cease to exist, if Obama took office. The threat remained. Then Obama went into his Muslim outreach mode, in which he has bent over backwards for them. The result of these policies, have been that he has made us look weak, and emboldened the Islamic world. Now Iran is rattling the cage once again, and no one is pushing back. We need a strong leader, not an Islamic appeaser.

Iran to US: Be a Friend, if you Want to Survive

With Obama in charge we are a weak country. Everyone except those that voted for him, seems to realize this. As Iran gets closer to obtaining nuclear weapons, they will get even more brazen. Will anyone stop them? I doubt very much that Obama is going to do anything, will Israel? Or will Obama try and stop Israel from protecting themselves? My money is on Israel. Go Bibi!