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A Logan’s Warning Interview With Imam Dawud Walid

Those who follow the this site most likely know that the MSM is complicit with the Islam assisted cultural suicide of the West that is taking place. That is why I love to do my own reporting on this issue. Because only the truth will set our future generations free from the chains of Islam.

Logans Warning Update~ Radio Documentary Interview

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that Tuesday night I was interviewed by German author and journalist Thilo Guschas. It was for a radio documentary entitled “USAllah”. The subject being Muslims in America. The show will be aired in March on four stations in Germany, one of them being Deutschlandfunk. Thilo who is a very nice guy, has promised not to edit me out, like the Daily News did. When I get the MP3, I will post it here. Now back to posting…

About My Daily News Interview: They run Article Omitting all of my Quotes, but Quote CAIR!

Back on August 5Th, I put up a post entitled “Logans Warning Update” Here it is in its entirety.

“Hi guys, I was just interviewed by the NY Daily News’ Brooklyn Borough Youth section, about a proposed Mosque in Brooklyn. Well that is what they told me it would be about, most of the interview was about my views on Islam, and this site. It will be published in about two weeks.”

I was not able to locate the story online this morning, so I put in a call to editor Nicholas C. Klopsis.