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Church Opens Door to CAIR!

Suicidal Christians are at it again! In a naive act of tolerance, they are opening their doors to the ideology of the enemy once again. To make matters worse they have even invited the insidious organization CAIR in!

Logan’s Warning Message to the Churches That Allow Muslims to Pray in Them

Recently I have posted numerous articles here about so called Christian leaders going against Christianity and allowing Muslims to pray in their Churches. My message to these Pastors and Reverends is that if you are so concerned with respecting Islam, then you should not be allowing Muslims to pray in your Church. As Islamic Law has strict guidelines against this.

Churches Open Doors to Islam…

Unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen this suicidal behavior. Why is it so hard for some Christians to understand that Islam is not Christianity friendly?! Have they even bothered to read the Koran? Because if they did they would know that Islam is a destructive religion/ideology and one of its main targets is Christianity! Or do they just want to take the easy way out and remain purposely blind?

Islamic Center of Minnesota~ Using the Kindness of Christians to Advance Islam

It is obvious that the persecution of Christians is on the rise across the Islamic world. So why do so many Christians continue to respect a religion that has no intention other than to destroy all competing religions? Islam has its eye on world dominance, whether we like it or not!

We will turn our attention now to the Islamic Center of Minnesota (ICM) and its involvement with the local Christian community.

Churches to do Koran Readings on 9/11

As I stated earlier, this whole “Burn a Koran Day” is extremely being blown out of proportion. Christians that I have never seen say a word about the persecution of their Christians brothers and sisters, are being more protective of Islam than their own religion. Now we have two Churches that are going to honor Islam. A religion which calls for their dominance, and insults their view of Jesus. To make matters worse they are doing this on 911, to try and counter the “Burn a Koran Day”.

Calvary Baptist Church: We do not Want Islam Spreading Here

In the past I had stated that the war with Islam cannot be won in America without a large Christian movement. When I say this, I do not mean that everyone has to convert to Christianity. I mean that most of the country considers themselves Christians, so they have the numbers that are needed to pressure our politicians to take action. While I wish the opposition to Islam in America would have started along time ago, it is better late than never. Now it is time for all non-Muslims to put aside their differences, and unite against Islam. If we lose this war, nothing else will matter.

US Church Buys Anti-Islam ad

Well there is some good news this morning, we can add the Granite City Baptist Church to the short list of Churches that are brave enough to speak out against the threat of Islam. Three others being the Dove World Outreach Center, the Iranian led Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, and Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ. Because of the political aspect of Islam, we are not yet winning this war. But the tide is slowly turning in our favor. Hang in there my friends.