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UK Fighting Back! Churches Oppose Mosque Construction

We are back on the good news vs. bad news seesaw, in the war vs. Islam. Just a few hours ago, I posted an article in which we learned that the first non-Islamic school in the UK will serve strict halal food. In this article we learn that a coalition of Churches and locals are “fiercely” opposing the construction of a new Mosque. Of course you guys remember the “Just say no to drugs” motto, well we should all be saying no to Muslim immigration and Mosque construction. Go mates!

Nigeria: Muslims Shouting “Allah Akbar” Slaughter 500 Christians

Back in late February Muslims in Nigeria burned down eight Churches. Obviously that was not good enough for the followers of the religion of war, as they have now slaughtered 500 more Christians. If Muslim immigration is not stopped in non-Islamic countries, it is just a matter of time until the Islamic attacks on non-Muslims ratchets up to this level. You can count on it.

UK Churches Fight Islamophobia

Here we go again my friends. Yesterday I posted an article about the President of Ireland praising and thanking Muslims . Today we see the slow suicide of the UK continue. Do the “leaders” of these Churches understand that according to the Islamic scriptures, Jesus will return as a Muslim and destroy Christianity? That Islamic Law discriminates against homosexuals, non-Muslims, and women? What is the point in standing up for something that wants to destroy you? The PC movement has turned the world upside down.

Nigeria: Muslims Burn Down 8 Churches

The Islamic scriptures state that Jesus will return as a Muslim, and destroy Christianity. Of course I do not believe this, but in the mean time Muslims are certainly doing their part in attacking Christianity. As I have said in the past, all non-Islamic religions and Atheists need to take a stand against this common enemy, before they destroy life as we know it.

Malaysia: Churches Firebombed

Just yesterday we read about Muslims in Egypt opening fire on a Church and killing seven. Today we learn that Muslims in Malaysia have firebombed three Churches. Are these acts the “tolerant” part of Islam, that leftist Christians keep telling me about? Wake up guys, Islam is no friend of Christianity.