Month: April 2024

Fashion Dawah ~ the Threat

For those who don’t know what “dawah” means, it is the act of proselytizing when Muslims invite non-Muslims to accept Islam. Sure it sounds innocent. The reality is that it is far from it though. With the reason being that Muslims use dawah in an attempt to mislead non-Muslims on Islam. Even holding workshops on how to do so.

Celebrity Wife: Muslims are “Here to Take Over”

Well this is huge Patriots and exactly what we need more of. Prominent names coming out against Muslim immigration while exposing the harsh reality of the Israel vs. Palestine conflict.

The UK’s Ali Dawah Gets Caught out AGAIN

I wasn’t planning on writing an article today but I came across a video from Ali Dawah that makes for a short rebuttal. While the video is over an hour, all I ask is that you watch the first minute and half or so.

US Election: VP Muslim Running Mate Immediately Takes a Stand for Hamas

Yes friends, you have read that correctly. For the first time in the history of America we have Muslim on the Presidential ticket. This coming off the 2020 election in which “President” Biden held a historic pre-election Muslim only conference. Which was another first for America.

Muslims Attempt to Bully the MTA into Respecting Ramadan

It’s just never ending my friends. I wish I was wrong when I state the following, but we are reminded over and over of the endless push by Muslims to change America and the rest of the world to suit Islam. Which as I said unfortunately proves me right again. Islam is a perpetual war. A war that we as non-Muslims can never lower our guard on.

NY Muslims Whine as They Dine on our Dime

One thing I have been saying for years now is that there should be no concessions given to Muslims at all. Why? Because they do not appreciate what is given to them, and always want more. As they have an endless list of Islamic demands.

Jizya & Zakat – What Muslims Don’t Want you to Know Part 2

If you were on Logan’s Warning yesterday you most likely read “Jizya & Zakat – What Muslims Don’t Want you to Know Part 1”. An article in which I exposed how Muslim propagandist Musa Adnan attempted to mislead the public on what jizya actually is.

Muslims Backstab Jews & get the Boot!

While some people don’t want to hear my harsh realities on Islam, I will continue to repeat them. Because only the truth will save our future generations from the shackles of Islam.

Lawsuit Jihad Strikes NYC

If you are new to this site and the threat of Islam there are two main points I would like to explain to you. The first being is that Islam itself is a two-tiered threat. The first and most obvious one is the threat of violent jihadists.