Muslim Comment of the day #9 ~There is Nothing Wrong with Incest

In order to win the war with Islam we need to understand the Muslim mindset. Which is a topic the mainstream media just will not touch. In fact it is a topic that I don’t see any other website exposing. Because they are more concerned with not ‘offending” the average Mohammadian over speaking the truth. Well it is the average Mo who is selfishly changing the West to suit Islam. Yes, that includes the smiling one at your local convenience store.

As you can see this comment is a sad as it is sickening for two reason. Because a female can hit puberty at the age of eight and those with morals know that is still a child. As for incest (Islam does allow first cousin marriages) it increases the risk of birth defects. Unfortunately Muslims are brainwashed to believe that the Koran is perfect.

Koran 5:3

No matter how vile the actions it allows are.