Logan’s Warning ~ The Next Phase

When Trump won the election I had thought things might change in the media in regards to Islam. At least a little bit. Unfortunately it did not as the same nation killing politically correct terminology is still being used. So in an effort to further educate the public I have decided to start my own weekly (for now) video shows.

The first will be entitled Christopher Logan’s Two Minute Warning. Which will be short videos that help educate the public on the Islamic scriptures (Because if we never get to the root of the problem we will never win this war. Look at the UK to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam.) While also showing the threatening actions that are being perpetrated by Muslims across the world each week. The time length of two minutes is long enough to get my points across, and keep the attention of those who do not have the time to watch long videos.

The second show will simply be entitled Logan’s Warning. In which I will be conducting split-screen interviews of military members, people in other countries who are also experiencing this threat, etc. and doing what no other show is doing. Calling into media outlets, universities, the offices of politicians, and interfaith groups, etc. (Obviously one needs years of knowledge on this issue in order to do so.) Basically anyone who is supportive of Islam. Hoping to plant seeds of information. While encouraging others to do the same. I also have some other ideas that I do not want to disclose yet. Trust me, there will be no other show like this!

To run these shows and to gain a broader audience I must come out “of the closet” and show my face. As there is only so far one can go without doing so. That is just a fact. So I am further willing to lay my life on the line. Which is just fine with me. I do need your help in getting the show up and running though. Which includes purchasing a program that makes it able to do split-screen interviews like we see on the news. Besides having a whiteboard and PowerPoint, etc. Giving me the ability to run a professional looking show. The cost to get up and running is approximately $300.00. So any part of that you could help out with would be greatly appreciated. Amounts of just $10 and up will make a difference. Why am I willing to further lay my life on the line? Because I love America and our future generations. I know you do too.

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