OT: The Obama Phone Scam?

obama-phone-apply (1)Hi friends,

Tonight I am going to step away from my favorite topic, and tell you what I just experienced about a half-hour ago in the city. I was talking down the street, and I heard some guy yelling out, “sir….sir”… so I looked over to him and he says, “sorry to bother you sir.”  “Do you know what time it is?” As I started to look at what time it is for him, he stated “I have the Obama phone, and it sucks!” I told him the time and asked what he meant, and to show me the phone. He said “here look, there is no time, and they only give me 250 minutes a month”.  I replied, that is it? He said “yes, and it does not last long”. “Then when you run out, they keep calling me soliciting me to buy more minutes!” He went on to say he had mistakes in life, and has no money. So I gave the guy a few bucks, and he said may God bless you.

Now I have a question, is Obama really helping these people, or is he helping himself? Where does the money go?……….

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