Muslim Applauds 911, Death of US Soldiers, Then Drops Threat!

It is clear that more people are speaking out against Islam, it is also clear that more and more Muslims, are not hiding their true hateful feelings towards non-Muslims. Today another “friendly” Muslim, dropped by my site and left this comment. There is not going to be any middle ground, it will be our way of life or Sharia. It is time to fight back. (All within the law, of course.)

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Author : Ex Christian (IP: ,
America is the most disgusting country, its people are fat and ugly. Its air is full of pollution, people are greedy and busy with their lives, you can die and your neighbour will not notice! It is devoid of love, its stinks like death, same stink you find when you go to church! It deserves to be malingered, because its only country who has consistently terrorized people around the world for 50 years, what happened on 9/11 was the most beautiful not because people died because it was a slap on the face of America. To you Americans, let me tell you on your face; No body cares about your pathetic country, every body hates you and when American terrorist soldier dies, I say thank God, another dog went to hell! Funny even you best allies, Jews, consider you nothing more than Pagan! You are pagan, you worship false gods, and your prophets! You are nothing on the scheme of thing! And finally most Important part, do want you can, we will establish Khilafa, and we will come after you!

Here is where this hate filled pro-Sharia Muslim, is posting from. IP address location & more:
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