Author Jeff Stein: Tool of Islam

We are having enough problems in the war with Islam, just dealing with Muslims. Then on top of that, we have to deal with naive non-Muslims of the world, that help advance Islam. Muslims constantly play the victim card, and people like Stein fall for it over and over. Stein you are part of the problem. Smarten up.

About Jeff Stein:

SpyTalk columnist Jeff Stein is a longtime investigative reporter specializing in U.S. intelligence, defense and foreign policy issues. An Army Intelligence case officer in Vietnam, Stein has authored three highly regarded books and has been a frequent contributor to periodicals ranging from Esquire,Vanity Fair, GQ and Playboy to The New Republic, The Nation and The Christian Science Monitor. He also appears frequently on television and radio as an analyst on national security issues. In the 1980s, he was deputy foreign editor at UPI.

Here is Stein’s message, in the Washington Post.

Book cites danger of U.S. anti-Muslim prejudice

A leading Muslim scholar who holds distinguished academic chairs at the U.S. Naval Academy and American University says prejudice against darker-skinned people in the United States is driving Pakistani youths here into the arms of terrorists.

Akbar Ahmed, who also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Britain, says in a new book that “homegrown terrorism is the result of a combination of factors.”

“Muslim Americans feel discriminated against and misunderstood by their fellow Americans,” says Ahmed, whose team of five researchers spent over a year interviewing Muslims and non-Muslims in 75 U.S. cities.

His book, “Journey into America: the Challenge of Islam,” will be published in June, according to an announcement from American University.

“There is a definitive lack of understanding about the Muslim culture in the United States,” Ahmed said in a press release from A.U. “This leads to various forms of discrimination, thus leaving many Muslim Americans feeling ostracized and frustrated.”

It is urgent, he maintains, that American leaders, including prominent Muslims, address the issue, “to prevent another 9/11.”

“By ignoring these types of issues, American leaders are turning their backs to the root of what causes such tragedies as 9/11,” Ahmed said.

“If we do not gain a clear understanding as to why these issues continue to persist, the relationship with Muslims living in the United States and their American neighbors will only continue to weaken the already fragile tinder box that exists.”

I have a clear understanding, Islam is the problem, and Ahemd wants us to back off on Islam. That is not going to happen!

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