Montreal: Muslims Have Crucifixes Removed in Hospital

This was sent in from a reader in Montreal.

From John in Montreal.

My friend at the Lachine Hospital in Montreal told me Muslim lab employees had the crucifixes removed from the premises they were working. Those were crucifixes that were also part of it`s heritage, placed by the Catholic founders of the hospital. The employees put those crucifixes in garbage bags and placed them in the basement.

I had called to complain and a receptionist gave me a number at McGill University, which is the university associated with Lachine Hospital. Mcgill investigated and they were not aware prior to my call because Lachine hospital employees were too coward to file complaint.

My friend was unaware that I called,but she told me word went around that someone had called and a memo went around stating that no object belonging to the hospital shall be removed without proper authority.

If I had not found out, nor complained, then who would have? ….certainly not the employees bowing to Islam…the same Islam that hates them.

Good work John!

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