Koran Tutoring Available, the Sharia way

If anyone is interested, there is no need to travel to Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Just take a trip to Jamaica Queens NY and get a tutor to teach you the Koran, within the Islamic rules (Sharia). The other day I took a trip into Queens to look around, and I made a stop at a pizza place. When I got the pizza I went back outside to eat it, and happened to notice this flyer on the lamppost in front of me.

Then on the same block, I saw this person walk by.

Many of the followers of Islam do not assimilate, instead they want the Islamic way of life to become the norm for America. It is up to us to stop that from happening. Since that day I have called the number on the flyer a couple of times, but have only gotten an answering machine. If I can get them on the line, and ask them some questions I will put up another post.

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