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The UK’s Ali Dawah Gets Caught out AGAIN

I wasn’t planning on writing an article today but I came across a video from Ali Dawah that makes for a short rebuttal. While the video is over an hour, all I ask is that you watch the first minute and half or so.

World Renowned Islamic Scholar Mufti Menk Runs When Refuted by Logan’s Warning

If you are a regular reader of Logan’s Warning you most likely know that I go out of my way to expose the lies told by Muslim propagandists. The reason I do so is because we cannot win the war with Islam, if we do not win the information war with Muslim propagandists. 

The Huffington Post’s Kashif N. Chaudhry Exposed! Part I

Logan’s Warning accepts the Huffington Post’s Kashif N. Chaudhry Rebuttal Challenge

Tonight I posted the following statement on Facebook, which was also posted on my Twitter account through an auto-feed.

#ISpeakOutBecause I just spoke to @ISpeakOut_ on Twitter, and they would not condemn Islam for allowing child marriages, lashings, sex slavery, and Mohammad stating he would drive all Christians and Jews out of the Arabian Peninsula. But they did manage to call me ISIS and block me. lol #Islam #ISIS #NAI (Logan)